Animal Cruelty

My dogs are on crack and acting weird and possessed and I may possibly “accidently” cook them for dinner instead of the Sloppy Joes I was going to cook.

I think they are paying me back for accidently locking Bambi (male cat) in the nursery last night. And before you get all “Don’t put cats in the baby’s room!” NikkiZ doesnt sleep in there – so it’s okay. Sorta. Except for the part that Bambi could not get out for food or potty. Sunflower (female cat) was freaking out when I woke up this morning…trying to get my attention and failing miserably because no one gets my attention before coffee.

When I realized what she was freaking about (maybe an hour later…oops) I felt really horrible because Bambi is such a good cat he didn’t tear up anything and just wanted some love, which made me feel WORSE.

Let’s face it. With a 5 indoor pets a 10-year-old, a newborn, and a husband, they’ll be lucky if that’s the worst that happens.

1 thought on “Animal Cruelty”

  1. I can see Sunflower thinking, thinking, thinking…..Maybe I’ll lock up that little thing she’s carrying around, see how SHE likes it…

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