I made him a cake too. And it actually tasted good.

Today is MrZ’s birthday. It doesn’t matter how old he is because he’ll always be younger than me (and I always forget how old he is. It’s like my trademark now.) There was a time in my life when I swore off marriage. I swore it off because I realized that there was not one single person in the world who would be able to fit with me and my extreme personality. I didn’t think there was a cold chance in hell I’d ever find someone who I’d really want to spend the rest of my life with. I was coming to terms with that about the time I met MrZ. He proved me wrong. He filled in holes in my life I never knew were missing pieces. Money is tight right now and emotions are running thin. I haven’t been able to plan any sort of gift or celebration even PARTIALLY as magnificient as he deserves.

Of course, I did bake him a cake. And for those of you familiar with my lack of baking skills (remember, I ruined a frozen pie on Thanksgiving) that is quite an accomplishment.

MrZ – I wish I could buy you everything you wanted. I wish I could pamper you in all the ways you need. I wish I could make all of your dreams come true today. But I know that in reality – your greatest wish – to be a father – came true several weeks ago. No matter how hard you are on yourself about fullfilling your obligations as a father, you have already proven to me to be the most amazingly loving and responsible Dad that any little girl could ask for. You amazed me how you filled the role of Step Dad many years ago, and five weeks ago? You filled the Dad shoes just as perfectly. I love you and I don’t think there is any gift in the world that would ever amount to even half of what you deserve.

Happy Birthday.

P.S. You are NOT, however, off the hook for waking me up at 5:30am. Not even your birthday excuses that behavior. The only excuse for ever waking me up before NikkiZ does? Impending nuclear disaster. And even that can wait if I am REALLY tired.

22 thoughts on “I made him a cake too. And it actually tasted good.”

  1. Happy birthday MrZ!!!

    Zoot…that is awesome that you baked a cake. You write so wonderfully about MrZ…he sounds like such a wonderful person. I’m so glad that you have him in your life.

  2. Happy Birthday MrZ!!!!
    Zoot these difficult times won’t last forever it will get better….keep your head up.

  3. Happy Birthday Mr.Z. I hope you have a great day! Your wife is very eloquent when she writes about her love for you. It is very sweet.

  4. It is a good thing you write so eloquently about MrZ…..b/c he does warrant every bit of it!

    Happy Bday MrZ……even though you are only 28 & that makes me want to smack you! πŸ™‚ Every single one of those in your house (including the 4 legged ones) are the better for having you in their lives!

  5. Happy Birthday to Mr. Z!! I had every intention of getting a card out. Then when I knew that wouldn’t happen, I had every intention of calling. Yesterday, for me, was straight from you know where. So I am wishing and praying that the Birthday Dad had a MUCH better day.

    Love, Patty

  6. Happy Birthday Mr.Z!!! Zoot, that was a beautiful post, I felt the same way you did and so far, no one anything like Mr. Z has come along! You’re a lucky chick!

  7. WOO-HOO!!!! MrZ is getting closer to his 30s!!!!! Rock!!!! Heh. I’m kidding… SO SORRY that I didn’t call to wish you a HB…
    I suck ‘cuz I forgot. : ( Please forgive. And?

    You guys are awesome, and it makes me want to puke. Heh.

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