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I think it’s official: My house is clean. I am hosting my FIRST Thanksgiving dinner here and all my family is coming in town so I decided it was time to scrape baby vomit off the table and mop the chili residue off the floor. I started cleaning yesterday, but NikkiZ decided she wanted to be held all day, and after a vacuuming-while-holding-the-baby-induced back ache, I put a stop to the cleaning hoping she’d feel better today.

And has she? Yes. Because I have been blessed TWICE in my life with low maintenance babies. I know. You hate me.

She has been sleeping off and on most of the morning. I was able to bathe, and shave, and get chili ready for dinner, and vacuum, and scrub toilets and dust baseboards and all sorts of HORRIBLY exciting things I know you wish you could have done yourself. I even Windexed the dog slober off the back door, for only the SECOND time since we moved in. You’re totally jealous, aren’t you?

Of course now? I don’t want to touch ANYTHING. My house is only this clean a few times a year and I totally want to savor it and enjoy it and tell my family they are not allowed to step food inside until Thursday. Between now and then? They can only observe from the windows.

But if I did that? I have a feeling they wouldn’t come visit anymore. So, I’ll just make sure we all have a moment of silence in memory of my spotless home, and then we’ll proceed in destroying it over the next few days. Amen.

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  1. It’s about time we had a new pic! That was like 4 posts with no pics of pretty baby. Thank you… so did you find a helpful chili recipe out of what must have been 30 or so submissions? And have you tried any of the other recipes we sent you?

  2. Very cute!

    Reading this makes me grateful for my Baby Bjorn – best money spent so far in the realm of baby crep.

  3. wow. Can I come over. I forget what clean house look like…and are you saying I should clean the dog slobber off the windows?

    What would my dad’s wife bitch about then?

  4. Hunter was low maintence too. I had him trained to sleep through my vacuming. I’m a clean freak, and I clean like that almost daily, so I’m really thankful Hunter loved his baby sling!

    Your baby girl is a beaut.

  5. It’s hard to believe that she’s almost a month old!! She is absolutley adorable! She gets cuter with every picture.

  6. Do you hire yourself out for cleanings? Not having family over but am having a private love-in with hubby and need my house cleaned. Of course I could do it myself but Bah!

    And by the way: MUST. HUG. THE. BABY!

  7. Low maintence child, gorgeous baby, adorable family, well behaved dogs, shaved, showered AND a clean house.

    Smoochdog bows in utter awe.

  8. congrats! a clean house is a wonderful thing. it is also a wonderful thing to have the fam all together and the house looks “lived in”. it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside.
    good luck on your thanksgiving feast!

  9. You are a brave woman! I am very impressed that a few weeks after giving BIRTH you are planning a huge dinner! You deserve all that precious baby cuteness. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Okay, how ’bout coming to my house? I will happily hold and snuggle NikkiZ while you clean it! lol!!!
    Have a great time with your mom and brother and enjoy the holidays. Pictures!!!!! I want to see NikkiZ with her first drum stick!

  11. Awwww, what a sweet face. Now THERE’s something to be thankful for.

    Thanks for sharing her with us, Zoot. And happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet little family.

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