A Weekend With Family In Georgia

Well, we’re back from visiting Donnie’s grandparents who – if you’ll recall – were displaced to live with his aunt because their home was destroyed during Katrina. We had to have a war with Atlanta traffic on Friday, but MrZ came out the victor, having worked in downtown Atlanta years ago. He was a seasoned veteran whereas I was balled up in the fetal position crying and begging for backroads.

I do NOT handle big city driving well. Or at all, for that matter.

We had a great visit and I’m really glad we planned the trip. It was great seeing MrZ’s grandparents again and I look forward to visiting again at Christmas. They still are not very close to having a home back in Slidell to move into, but they have settled into their new situation in Georgia and seem to be doing really well. NikkiZ did well both on the road, and staying in a new home. We invaded MrZ’s 14 year old cousin’s bedroom for the weekend. We tried our best to not leave any evidence behind that we had been there. However, we did come VERY close to leaving our garbage bag full of diapers under her Jesse McCartney (sp?) poster, which I’m sure she would have loved. Before we walked out the door I said, “MrZ! You have to go throw that bag of diapers away! If we leave that in her room we’ll never be invited back.”

Close call. How would YOU like lending your room out to family and coming back to a giant garbage bag full of dirty diapers?

We’re glad to be home, and now it’s time to get ready for Thanksgiving and all of my family to come into town. I love the Holidays. They make me crazy, but in a very good way.

MrZ’s cousin took LilZ’s riding on a go-cart thingy through the woods. I told them anything dangerous enough that I needed a helmet? You would NOT catch me doing. But LilZ had a great time.

Look! She’s starting to smile!!!

11 thoughts on “A Weekend With Family In Georgia”

  1. Glad you had a good time in Georgia! I live in Metro Atlanta so I know what you mean about the traffic, I deal with it on a daily basis. I have also discovered it is hard to curl up in the fetal position (while driving) no matter how bad you want to. I swear the worst drivers come from Georgia. You made it home at a good time seeing as it has started pouring down rain here. I’m glad you made it back okay!

  2. OMG! What a beautiful baby! And that picture of LilZ with the helmet on? He’s a stunner, Zoot! You’d better watch out because you’re going to have girls knocking down your door to get to that boy!

  3. That last photo of NikkiZ needs a caption like: You know if I smile like that, that means you can’t help but pick adorable me up, then …… I will pass some gas and fill up a diaper of poo for you ! HA HA ha ha!

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