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Harry Potter Midnight Premier!

Guess what LilZ and I are doing at 11:59pm tonight? We’re going to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This book was my favorite before I read Book 6, so I am really looking forward to it. However, since this was the longest, and therefore will have the most cut out of it, I’m also really nervous. I understand they can’t leave EVERYTHING in from a book that long, but I just hope I walk away from it thinking they still did a good job. The previews make it look brilliant, but you just never know…

I’m very much looking forward to how the play out the battle with Voldemort at the end. I have a very strong image of that scene in my head since I’ve read the book over five times. I know that they probably won’t recreate exactly what I see, but I hope they do that scene justice.

I find it very telling that my first major outing sans NikkiZ is to a Harry Potter event. MrZ hasn’t even questioned whether or not this outing is a good idea since she could possibly wake up VERY hungry while I’m gone. He knows that asking me to bypass a Harry Potter tradition with LilZ (we go to the first showing of EVERY Harry Potter movie) is like asking me to go without Krispy Kreme donuts. Besides, he has “emergency” formula in case she gets really hungry and I’m going to try to pump some milk before we go.

NikkiZ will understand when she gets old and sees my Harry Potter obsession firsthand. And then she’ll be very afraid.

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  1. I was so excited yesterday when I saw that the San Francisco Chronicle gave the movie a good review. Not that a bad review would prevent me from seeing it.

    I’m excited to see that same scene at the end. When I re-read Book 4 over the summer, I even mentioned it to The Husband and something that would could be a fantastic part of the movie, especially the part with Dumbledore around the fountain.

  2. Hey Zoot, this it totally off the HP subject but I found out some info on Arrested Development. I too think it’s about the funniest show on and was so upset when I heard the news. WELL I heard that other stations are shopping it and it might get picked up!!! YEAH!!!

  3. I’m very excited for this movie. It’s going to be showing on the IMAX screen at the theatre near my house so I’m making my husband take me for my birthday. Such good timing! Have a lot of fun with LilZ!

  4. AHHH!!! It’s coming out this weekend and hubby and I are going out for the first time in THREE YEARS to spend the night at a hotel ( http://www.adventuresuites.com ) and I want to see this movie SOO bad, but damn, I paid almost 200 dollars for the room for the night, and I don’t want to waste the jacuzzi…but HP….but Jacuzzi….HELP ME ZOOT!!!

  5. We’re goign to see it, albeit not the first showing. 🙂 But we’ll be there tomorrow for a matinee to soak up HP goodness. Woo hoo!

    We’ll want a full review! 🙂

  6. I was lucky enough to win tickets to a special screening last weekend. We saw it on Sunday and I guarantee you will LOVE it. It’s too bad it opened after Halloween or I would’ve totally dressed up in one of the uniforms from the Beauxbatons school. I won’t ruin any of the movie for you. Have fun!

  7. Ohhhh! I am so jealous! Instead of going to see the movie tomorrow, I will be home recoving from having my wisdom teeth removed.

    My husband is MAD! LOL!

  8. Oh, I wish we could do a midnight showing! But there is no way all of mine could stay awake for it, and it wouldn’t be fair for me to just take the 2 oldest. So I have already “fandango’d” our 5 tickets for the 10:15 a.m. showing on Friday. I’ve already heard from one person who got to see a sneak preview last night that it was great!

  9. The friends I’m going with will be out of town, so we’re not going til 10pm Saturday, but I’m pretty excited. Sunday’s the only morning I don’t work at 5am, so i think I’ll be able to enjoy it more this way anyhow! So don’t post … uh spoilers? I loved the book, and though I don’t have them yet, they’re totally going on the Christmas wish list!

  10. Have fun with the movie. Will you be writing a review for the rest of us? I hope so since it will be a few weeks before I get to see it.

  11. Cool! Have a great time! I never could yield much for the pump but i do have a trick that got me probably the most amount i could get while pumping, about four ounces: For baby’s first morning feed (hopefully she will have gone several hours and your breasts will be very full) attach baby to one boob in football hold so her body is laying across your side instead of your lap, and attach the pump to your other breast. Then switch after a while if you want. The combination of fullness plus baby’s suckling acting to really stimulate letdown helps a lot. It works well even if you aren’t overly full.

  12. Zoot, I am so jealous. My husband is out of town so I can’t go see a midnight showing. My mom is driving 2 1/2 hours tomorrow to keep my baby while I go see the noon showing. I am so excited. I am rereading the book so it will be fresh. Although, being about my 100th time, it never gets unfresh!!

  13. I’m sad to be messing up our tradition, girl! I’ll miss seeing it w/ you guys! We both will.

    I decided not to reread the book this time right beforehand since that always screws me up.

  14. I was all ready to go to the first showing tonight with Hubby for my birthday! But then…fever, sore throat, and croupy chest got me and I am just too sick to move. You know you are really sick when you can’t pull yourself out of bed to go see Harry & Co. Now that’s sick!

  15. I just saw it! Yay for Germany. It was released today, one day earlier as in the US because ALL movies start on Thursdays here!! I love seeing a movie once before all of you guys. Ususally, we get them about 3-4 months later. I’ll have a better review on my blog sometime this weekend but here is my opinion: it is funny (very much a teenage movie, not so much for small children). It is sad, especially the part where Cedric dies. It is VERY hard to understand for people who did not read the book (I’ve read it many times so I knew everything, but I had to explain lots of things to my friend and she even read the book once 4 years ago). I am not sure yet if I like this movie better than the third one (and the third book is my favorite so far). I will close with Dumbledore: “Difficult times lie ahead and there will come a time where one has to decide between what is right and what is easy.” Oh, and one more thing: Ron is sooo funny and Rupert Grint is by far the best actor of the Kids!

  16. I’ll be waiting to see it with my son when he gets home from Basic Training (middle of Dec.) It is going to kill me to wait. Y’all, pray for me.

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