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Genius at work

I bought some GIANT potatoes this weekend so we could have loaded potatoes one night for dinner. Well, tonight was the night and I was feeling ALL RIGHT. I was so looking forward to the yummy potatoes because I had all the toppings for them waiting to be eaten. Cheese…bacon bits…butter…yum. Well, I nuked them in the microwave in a pyrex dish covered in cellophane for 15 minutes first. That’s how I cook my potatoes. Then, after the timer went off on the microwave, I took the dish and put it directly into the oven.

Do you see where this is going?

And then, about 20 minutes later, I smelled something burning and it hit me. “Shit! I left the cellophane on the dish!” and sure enough, when I went to get the Pyrex out of the oven, the cellophane was MELTED to the potatoes. Essentially? I poisoned our dinner. The dinner that I was SOOO looking forward to.

Resolution? Quick trip to the local BBQ joint for 1lb of BBQ and 3 baked potatoes. They actuallly were better because we had BBQ to put on them too. Unfortunately, I think the pyrex dish may be permanently ruined. And our house STILL smells like burning plastic.

This is Zoot’s brain. This is Zoot’s brain on no sleep. Any questions?

8 thoughts on “Genius at work”

  1. One time I wanted a baked potato for lunch, but didn’t want to wait for it to bake so I thought I would nuke it. However, I hate what the microwave does to potatoes (makes them rubbery and such). So I wrapped it in celo. You know, to keep it moist and such. Yeah, that didn’t work so well. As I sat at my computer in the other room I smelled something funny. That was my potato AND my microwave on fire. Totally fried the microwave. Nice, eh?

  2. My 7 year old wants to know why LilZ doesn’t have school tomorrow, because I’ve told her that *we* can’t go because she has school tomorrow. I will relay to her the reason that LilZ gets to go to the movie and she can’t.

  3. Oh man. I *hate* the smell of burnt plastic. The other day I got some takeout and went to reheat it in the microwave, and it didn’t LOOK like it had foil, but I guess the inside was foil…I had a small fire.

  4. Hilarious! Also, it was our night for loaded baked potatos last night, too…….w/ a whole bunch of yummy steamed veggies on top. Good stuff, but I think I would have traded those for bbq.

  5. yes I have a question. What is “1lb of bbq”? bbq-d what? Chicken? Steak? Burgers? Or is that like a blanket statement. You bought 1lb of bbq things?
    I’m confused…and Canadian…we have SNOW HERE RIGHT NOW!
    Forgive me.

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