On Breastfeeding

I don’t know if I’ve gone into the details of problems I had nursing LilZ, but let’s just say I didn’t really produce a whole lotta milk. I dried up easily and rarely (if ever) leaked or experienced that painful FULL feeling. I did the best I could, supplementing with formula after about 3 months and then stopping completely at 9 months. The entire thing was a struggle and I never really felt like we got in a good groove. This has made me very worried about NikkiZ’s nursing situation since I have to go back to work when she is 12 weeks old.

My first sign that things may be different happened last week. I called MrZ and said “Guess what? My boob is leaking!!!!” and we were both VERY excited. I never seemed to have EXTRA milk with LilZ, so the fact that I was leaking? Gave me hope that things would be better this time. I have even worn nursing pads a few times, which I NEVER did with LilZ.

I also have TWO manual pumps at home to prepare for going back to work. I’ve been testing them out whenever I feel full. Unfortunately, they don’t do CRAP. This has really depressed me. I mean, REALLY depressed me because if I can’t pump, what the hell am I going to do?

But guess what I called MrZ to say today? “Guess what I’m looking at? A bottle of milk from MY BOOB!” Yes, it is a miracle. I pumped almost 4 oz of milk out of ONE boob today! Can you believe it? I just am beside myself with joy. My boobs are WORKING! They are doing what they are supposed to do!

(Yes. I almost posted a picture of the bottle of milk to show you.)

When the milk finally started flowing I almost cried. NO LIE. I really want to nurse NikkiZ as close to 12 months as possible, but unless I can keep my milk supply going by pumping, it won’t be an option. So, when I saw that bottle filling up? I was beside myself with pride! PRIDE FOR MY BOOBS!

At least the right boob. Word is still out on whether the left one will cooperate or not.

It’s just a good example that your body changes with every pregnancy, if you struggled breast feeding with one kid, don’t assume you’ll have the exact problems with the next kid!

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  1. Lurker delurking to say congrats!! I know just what you mean – I nursed my daughter for almost 12 months, but had to go back to work when she was 3 months old. Love, love, love my Pump in Style (though where the “style” comes in is still a mystery). Now I’m at home with my 3 week old – who is also up from 1-5am – and waiting to start the pumping fun!

  2. For she’s jolly good boobie, for she’s a jolly good boobie, for she’s a jolly good boobie, which nobody can deny!

    Yes, I am in, fact, a 14 year old boy trapped in the body of a 36 year old woman.

  3. Wooohooo! Here’s to Milk Production!

    I loved the electronic pump. I thought it was much easier to use and much less painful than the manual tit-in-a-wringer method. (Sorry.) I know they’re more expensive, but you might consider one if it’s possible. You won’t regret it. Not that you need advice. Besides, my youngest is 9, my oldest is 20. I’m not in a position to tell you what to do. Just make friendly suggestions.

  4. congrats on the lil miss nikkiz! she’s adorable!

    and i have a families in the US not get a yr off after having a baby? i’m in canada and we get a yr? is it not the same?

  5. I have never gotten those hand held units to work worth a hoot!
    I HIGHLY endorse the Medela pumps… esp the double shooter thang. That way you get ’em both at once, spend half as much time pulling moo-duty.

    I’m feeling you on the boobie-pride though… finally after baby three, yesterday I experienced my very first ENGORGEMENT! WOOOOOHOOOO!

  6. Yeah for having correctly functioning boobies! I can only hope I’ll be so lucky when I have a baby. My body doesn’t like to cooperate in normal situations, so I can’t imagine what it will do then.

  7. Oh yea!!! I’m happy for you, Zoot! I hope you’re able to keep it up. I really wanted to nurse my little guy but unfortunately didn’t realize it until the day after he was born. I had already taken one of those pills they give you to dry up the milk when I asked the nurse if it was too late. She said it was. 🙁 I’m so glad YOU get to do this!!! Way to go boobies!

  8. Get a electric pump (rent one for a week or two to see what I mean.) You think you did well w/a manual one–you’ll be amazed! You should also read this: It’s an article called “good boob/bad boob”. You’re truely ready for it. Congrats!

  9. Posting a picture of the bottle would have been okay. Just so long as you don’t post a picture of the boob. That could get the FCC on your ass. Congrats!

  10. Aren’t boobs great!?! 😉

    May I suggest, however, an electric pump for when you go back to work. They are SO much easier, get more milk out, do it a heck of a lot faster and don’t wear your arms out!

    I wish I had one with my first. I borrowed the one I currently use, and it is wonderful. You can buy a ‘cheap’ one (I think it’s EvenFlow) for about $35.00. The one I use now I would NEVER have been able to afford. Thank goodness for friends!

    Great job producing! LOL!

  11. Way to go!!!! I had both an electric pump and the Avent handpump. I got more out of the Avent every time……boobs down. I am so excited for you!! I had a horrible time nursing with my first child as well, but Harrison nursed until the day before he turned 4 and Catherine (who will be 4 in February) is still nursing every day as well. I can’t WAIT to have my boobs back to myself.

  12. I. Can’t. Stop. Myself….

    Gah, I’m giving advice. Try pumping on one side while you’re nursing on the other – you’ll be able to take advantage of the letdown. Also, if you nurse on the ‘weak side’ and pump on the strong side, after the baby’s longest sleep period, you’ll get a bunch too.

    She is the cutest baby evah.

  13. I. Can’t. Stop. Myself….

    Gah, I’m giving advice. Try pumping on one side while you’re nursing on the other – you’ll be able to take advantage of the letdown. Also, if you nurse on the ‘weak side’ and pump on the strong side, after the baby’s longest sleep period, you’ll get a bunch too.

    She is the cutest baby evah.

  14. I’m not going to tell you how much I regularly pumped with Bug, but I WILL tell you that it was SUCH a relief when he was a few days old and not getting any milk when nursing to find out that it wasn’t due to lack of production – that first bottle of pumped milk? I DID cry. Good for you.

  15. First time posting, but I read you everyday! Anyway, you’d be amazed at your body. I don’t think you should worry about drying up because you aren’t nursing her when you go back to work. My girlfriends body adjusted to the difference. She pumped during the day and was able to nurse at night. She nursed until her little one was 16 months old. Good luck! YAY boobies!!

  16. Good luck!! I’ve struggled with continuing my nursing after returning to work. My maternity leaves are always around 8 weeks long. I made it to 4 months pumping with my Sarah, then to 6 months after Jadyn, but this last time– A YEAR. Yes, even with traveling and all sorts of other challenges (thrush, losing production completely in one boob).

    Anyway, however long you do it, good luck and AWESOME for you!

  17. Just my 2 cents for ya!
    You can take Fenugreek if you feel that you are short on your mik supply. I did and it seemed to work well (except of course the maple syrup smell!).
    Or they have the Mothers Milk tea (which I found nasty but drinkable, but I don’t drinnk tea). That helps too and is pretty cheap.
    Oatmeal always helped the most and the quickest. And tastes much better then the above!
    Not that you don’t know this already probably, but thought I would share.

    I would recommend the Medela Pumps though. With the boys, I didn’t BF that long. With Ry I had one of these and what a life saver. Great for work, quiet, quick, and comes in a cute bag. Minus is they are expensive, but check your insurance, some cover the cost (or you pay only $15). And NikkiZ is totally a cutie (and I am not just saying that!)

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