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Big day.

LilZ’s soccer tournament is today. We have one game at 9:15 and our second is at 12 noon. I have no idea how we’re going to pull this off because the games are too far away to try to come home between them. I guess we’ll stay at the fields and set up the nursing station in the car. I have no problem nursing in public and can cover up well enough that people know what I’m doing, but can’t see anything, so I think it will be okay. I actually had to nurse NikkiZ in the parking lot at LilZ’s school the other day and he did NOT die of embarrassment. So, we’ll see how it goes. We may have to take two cars just to be safe though, you know, in case we need a getaway vehicle.

6 thoughts on “Big day.”

  1. That is a big deal to be gone all day, but I’m sure you can do it, though you may need some beer when you go home

  2. Awwww! Baby on the ankles! Babies are so cute, especially yours. How can you resist taking her outside so the world can revel in her cuteness?

  3. Heck your brother was nursed at the Vanderbuilt Estate in Asheville….We just decided one day to drive and ended up there..heheh…Thank goodness I had some things I could throw over my shoulders to cover us up….You were there, don’t you remember?

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