Already challenged by having 2 kids now.

Well…I sure didn’t post a lot yesterday, did I? NikkiZ and I had a LOT to do. I am gobs busier now than I was when I was working, and I have NO idea what that says because the stuff that is making me busy? Has NOTHING to do with NikkiZ. I spent a good chunk of yesterday packing away some stuff from LilZ’s room, cleaning the garage, and sweeping the back porch. Just general housework that I’ve been thinking about doing for months, but have never actually gotten around to doing it. I’m being a good SAHM and taking care of that stuff now that I’m at home all day. I’m sure next week I’ll quit that shit and just watch soap operas all day. I’m not THAT dedicated.

We also took NikkiZ to LilZ’s soccer practice last night. Did I mention he made the area tournaments? EEK. Sorry, I forgot! Guess what? LilZ’s soccer team made the area tournament! It is on Saturday so we’re back to practicing this week. However, whoever decided to schedule a tourney on a holiday weekend deserves to be FIRED. We are going to be missing enough players that we will have NO substitues for the entire game. And we play TWO games in ONE day. My point? LilZ will not be able to help me load shit in the attic like I was hoping on Saturday.

So, we took NikkiZ last night. She stayed in her car seat and slept the entire time. This was nice because it supported our whole “she sleeps a LOT” message we kept telling people who asked how she was doing. Then, she did the typical manipulative child thing (yes, newborns can be manipulative, trust me) and stayed awake from 1:30am until 4:30am last night…so I’m feeling WASTED this morning. It’s been since my college days that I’ve felt this tired. Days where I was up all night working on projects and presentations. Luckily, NOW I’m NOT required to show up to a room full of people today, dressed professionally and presenting the work I’d been up all night doing. Which, of course now would be diaper changing and nursing. I don’t want to see the people who show up for THAT kind of presentation.

7 thoughts on “Already challenged by having 2 kids now.”

  1. If you’re going to slack off and turn to daytime TV (which I totally recommmend) please at least refrain from the soaps. You’re smart and funny and I’m enjoying your blog (and it is,after all,all about me) and I’d rather your brain didn’t turn to mush from watching those things.

    TNT is a great place to spend the day. Just don’t ask me how many days I spent there.

  2. It’s probably just the leftover nesting hormones working themselves out of your system. Don’t worry, it’ll pass soon, and you’ll be back on the futon eating bon-bons and watching People’s Court reruns and VH1 celebreality repeats like the rest of us.

    (Okay, sorry to besmirch all the rest of y’all — that’s probably just me).

  3. Gongrats LilZ on making the area tournament! I’m having NikkiZ picture withdrawals-hope you will be posting some more soon!

  4. Well, I have been missing you ALL terribly, but w/ NO real time to talk b/c all that crap that you mentioned earlier… (Have you noticed that it seems we’ve traded places??? I want to trade BACK!)

    My point… When that baby pulls on all nighter??? HOLLA!!! Prime opportunity for me to get my Zoot fix!!! (and family, of course 🙂

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