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First Check-Up!

Today is NikkiZ’s first check-up in the pediatrician’s office. We have never actually BEEN to the pediatrician’s office, so let’s hope we find it okay. Our pediatrician is very cool (so far) and hopefully NikkiZ will get a clean bill of health. I’m really hoping she’s gaining weight appropriately because that would then be a sign that my boobs are doing their job. Since she seems content and full after feedings and doesnt eat but every 2-3 hours, then I think they are doing just fine. But – I’ve experienced no leaking and no engorgement so I’m worried I will have minimal supply like I did with LilZ. I had such a minimal supply with LilZ that pumping was futile so I did nothing but nurse the first few months, and when I did get a job after his birth, my milk dried up. I don’t want to face that again this time, I want NikkiZ to enjoy my boobs as long as possible! That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Of course, MrZ and I were already discussing last night about how NikkiZ seems so advanced for her age. With the trying to stand up, and the laughing, and the trying to roll over. We have already convinced ourselves she’s a little prodigy child and we are preparing ourselves for the stress involved with raising a genius.

It’s a tough life to breed perfection, we know.

7 thoughts on “First Check-Up!”

  1. If you will notice, no one knows how to respond to your “genius” statement…But being your mother I can…..Of course she’s a genius…just like LilZ they’re both way beyond normal…They surely take after both of you……….Yeah…that’s the answer..It runs in the family……………

  2. You managed the stress of raising LilZ just fine… What’s one more genius??? : )

  3. the first week of LaLa’s life she actually DID roll over twice.

    Too bad it was due to just how PISSED OFF she was. Yeah, maybe my kid is just a genious at being pissed. After that she was calm enough about life that it didn’t happen again till a more age appropriate time.

  4. Isn’t just amazing that babies grow and learn at that pace?

    It must be hard to raise a genius.

    Have a good weekend. I hope you get lots of sleep!

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