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Meeting the family.

Well, the animals are coping fine with the new addition to our family. How WELL they are coping has yet to be seen. LilGirl seems VERY worried about NikkiZ. Especially when she cries. She gets this incredibly stressed look on her faces and whimpers at us like “TAKE CARE OF HER, SHE NEEDS YOU, DAMMIT!” It must be the mom in her. Sweetie is a little sad she’s not the baby anymore. And they are ALL sad that they are not being given free access to her spit-up crusted face or her dirty diapers. We’re taking all of the introductions VERY slowly and being careful to give the dogs special attention when we can.

But her favorite person is LilZ, obviously. He hast jumped right into be a big brother, holding here whenever I ask and often just asking on his own if he can hold her. He’s as spectacular as we thought he’d be. If only we could get him on diaper duty…

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  1. The kitty look perplexed that she has lost her seat! Oh well, once NikkiZ outgrows it, you can let the kitty have it again!

  2. Do you need to accept donations for bandwidth funds. I was so bummed when it was down the other day – I only check like 10 times a day to see pictures. She is so so so cute.. can I please come over and play with her??? You look great!! and the whole family looks so content. My advice about the boobs (did you nurse Lilz) is a lactation consultant. It really shouldn’t hurt if she’s latching on correctly. If not, it huts like HEdoublehockeysticks!! Congrats. Sleep and enjoy!

  3. Well all the animals will be sad for attention till NikkiZ gets a bit older and you put her in the playpen while you’re doing other things – they’ll see that as their cue to gang up on you and get some love. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love the pic of Sunflower though. “I will not move out of the picture because this seat is MINE and I have to watch over it. That kid can move. And give me my seat back.”

  4. Hi ya ๐Ÿ™‚ Your wee girl is soo beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope the animals are adjusting to her ok, when I was preggy with my son, my cat got into the habbit of snoozing in the crib, as i was worried she would sleep on the baby when he arrived I blew up a baloon and put it in and then covered it with the net, an hour or so later there was a bang! and sure enough old puss and jumped in – popped the balloon and promptly jumped out – he got such a fright he never went near it again – just a tip incase your furry friend likes the crib too ๐Ÿ™‚ take care xx Amz

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