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Home Sweet Home

Well, we FINALLY got discharged, as you can see. Actually, NikkiZ decided she was sick of waiting on ME to be discharged and just left on her own. We made it home with only minor amounts grumbling from me (I was in a bitchy mood), screaming from NikkiZ (not a big fan of the car seat just yet) and panicking from MrZ (worrying that she might choke to death on the car ride home).

“You can tell this is not your first kid because you haven’t even checked on her in her car seat once, while I’ve turned around to look at her at every red light.”

It’s true. I’m no where near as protective of NikkiZ as I was of LilZ…I guess it’s second child syndrome. You learn with the first one how tough they are so you don’t worry as much with the rest of them. MrZ though, this being his first, is a bit protective and it is terribly adorable and makes me fall in love with him for the millionth time this week.

Stace and her girls came to help us out today. She is carting LilZ to his soccer games and holding NikkiZ while I get us settled in back home. I’m grateful she’s here and even more grateful she’s not making fun of me for walking around like an 80 year old woman recovering from hip surgery. Post labor walking? Nothing you’re going to see on the catwalk at the Spring Fashion shows.

Home sweet home. Plus one baby and minus one placenta. It’s a good feeling.

9 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home”

  1. I think she is getting cutie each day. Glad y’all made it home safe and sound. I hope you can get some rest!!!

  2. Ya know, I’m with Bev on this one. People say babies are cute all the time, but in all honesty, she’s so freakin’ girlie already and just so very beautiful. And I’m not just sayin’ that. :o)

  3. She’s beautiful! Congratulations Zoot family!
    I love how Lil Zoot looks like a pro already. He’s going to be an awesome big brother.

  4. I see LilZ has progressed to the one arm “I am such a cool and proud big brother” holding of NikkiZ. Of all the photos, which are all great, the ones of big brother with his little sister make the best ones I think!

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