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October 25th, 8:24pm

That was before….

This is DURING. Actually – this is BEFORE as well. So far, I’m here but nothing has happened. They have me strapped into the monitors, but no cervical treatment (TMI?) yet. I’m very anxious and nervous and excited, and FAT. JEEEZUS. Did you see how FAT I am in that picture? And my hospital gown is broken. But – I have a feeling I wont care about that later.

I’ll try to update again later…after the cervical softening is done. Woo! Hoo!

Update from 2020: Back in 2005 it made sense to post new entries throughout the night but for the sake of this blog cleanup I’m going to combine all of the entries from that night into this one post and just time stamp them!


Well. I’m all settled. I have my IV in, they gave me my cervical softening tablet (that hurt like HELL) and MrZ is making his bed. We’re going to try to get some sleep before my next dose at 1am of the cervical softening junk. I’m feeling a bit more uterine activity in the form of cramping and what not, but nothing exciting. NikkiZ is moving around like a maniac, obviously aware something is happening.

Two things of note before I TRY to sleep:

#1 – MrZ left the toilet seat up in the LDR bathroom. I told him that does NOT need to happen again. Just for tonight, lets try to remember to put the seat DOWN. Heh.

#2 – When we left LilZ at his grandparents, he whispered in my ear as he said goodbye, “I’m trying not to cry…” It about broke my heart because I know he is worried about us. Keep him in your thoughts through all of this too.

C’ya in the morning (unless sleep is impossible, then I’ll see you in an hour).


Well, I’ve been watching the monitor that is keeping track of my uterus, and it seemed to be showing contractions the same time I was feeling pain, but I didn’t believe I was actually having contractions until the nurse confirmed it. So, guess what? I’m having contractions! I’m in pain! Woo! That pig semen stuff really works.

(If you missed it before, Dr. Google told me the cervical softening agent is derived from pig semen. Yum.)

I don’t know if this means I”m in “labor” or not, like…will I get to skip the Pitocin and just let my body progress? But it’s something. Something that is keeping me AWAKE. Heh.

Watching the monitor is incredibly addicting…I’m having these contractions every couple of minutes…but I’m still able to talk (and blog) through them, so they obviously aren’t THAT bad, but it’s all very exciting.

Aren’t you excited? And do you finally believe me that I’m liveblogging my labor? At some point this will stop, I’m sure, but thanks for keeping me company while I can still blog. Oh – and in case you havent noticed? I’m totally NOT proofreading or spell checking these entries. I’m excused, right?

P.S. I’m having a contraction RIGHT NOW.

October 26, 12:19am

I finally shut up about an hour or so ago so MrZ could get some sleep. My contractions have been about two minutes apart for the past two hours. They hurt, I’m using my breathing, but they are not enough for me to wake MrZ up yet. I don’t know if this is a sign of “labor” or not. It’s very weird, because under normal circumstances? 2 minutes apart would be VERY close and mean I was deep into labor, I have NO idea what it means tonight. Hopefully? It means I’ll have the baby in five minutes.

I’m very sleepy, but I can’t seem to get any sleep due to the aforementioned contractions. (Having one right now. Hang on.) Okay, yeah, so no sleep. I am trying though, I promise. They havent gotten any stronger in the last hour, or closer together, so I’m kinda pessimistic that they signify progress.

I get another cervical softener in about 30 minutes. We’ll see what happens then.

In the meantime: I just got a warning that I’m about to exceed my bandwidth, so my site may go down temporarily (sorry) so if you are still up with me? You may have to fill everyone in tomorrow. Of course, its their own damn fault for SLEEPING while I’m in labor!

Just kidding…I don’t think I’m actually in labor yet. Who the hell knows. Modern medicine is very strange.


Cant talk long, drunk and woozy from sleeping medicine. The stuff didnt help a lot. I’m stilll feeling contractions. Bah. no sleep. Also feel really drunk. that cant be good.

cervix is softening and effacing a bit, still 1cm dialated. Still scheduled Pitocin drip at 6am. Wish me luck and hope me sober.

MrZ is still sleeping!

Update from 2020: The next post is about her birth because shit got crazy around 6am that morning!

21 thoughts on “Blogging Birth”

  1. You are too cute.. And not fat–PREGNANT. But not for long!!!

    Don’t second deliveries go faster? Good fast, painless and healthy wishes your way!

  2. Zoot!

    Preggo does NOT equal fat….Preggo = wonderful cuteness.

    Thinking of ya and wishing you well.

  3. you look great =) can’t wait to see her. how lame is it that I keep checking back? I’m so excited for you though. With my daughter I had to go through exactly what you are going through. Cervical treatment and pitocin. The contractions weren’ t as bad as everyone said. Sending good thoughts your way.

  4. Yeah Zoot! Zoot is cute! (Not fat, with child…very big child…)
    Don’t worry, the internets has got your back and will cheer you on all night (cause I’m hoping that’s as long as it will take!)

  5. Zoot!!! I was reading your other post earlier… I had it all done. Picotin, softner… the works. You’ll do fine. When they offer the epidural – take it. It helped induce the labor and speed things along, take the edge of things and get that cat nap i was in much need! YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!

  6. I’m so excited for you!! Thank you soooo much for sharing this with all of us! Big hugs for all the zoots!!

  7. I bet you’re the first mommy to ever blog from that hospital! πŸ™‚ Take care, and don’t hit Mr. Zoot with that laptop later when you’re in the middle of labor πŸ˜‰

  8. Zoot – you are honestly the first person I have ever seen look comfortable in the delivery room before. Look at you with your bed all propped up! πŸ˜‰ You look beautiful now and in a couple of months when you look back at that picture you’ll get all misty eyed thinking about how FUN It was to be pregnant. No really. Swear.

  9. oh, and ps, I see that little bed where your daughter is going to be just hours from now. Is that cool or what!

  10. This is sooooooo exciting! Good luck and good labor and all that jazz. I know you were thinking about going natural so I hope things don’t get tooooo painful πŸ™‚

  11. Awww, you look beautiful! And that is coming from someone who has never went through pregnancy, so I am not all just saying that.

    I started reading this blog in the very beginning of your pregnancy and rarely commented, but read every day. I am excited for you and I don’t even really know you!

    Good luck with everything! You will be a great mom times two tomorrow at this time!

  12. Hi. I’m just soooo excited for you!!! Before you know it, you will be holding your sweet girl! I had pitocin with my third, and my feelings were ‘bring on the epidural’; I saw no point to wait til it really hurt when I knew I was going to get one anyway! Have fun.. can’t wait to see pics.

  13. You are crazy lady, you look beautiful pregnant. Positivly magnifique. Good luck tonight. Hope all goes great and you get some sleep…wait do you want sleep or baby right away. I hope you get what you want either way. Fingers crosses for easy birth. Big baby, eh

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