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A/B Honor Roll

LilZ got his report card yesterday and the lowest grade on it was an 88! Woo Hoo! I didn’t go into the details last year, but we struggled with our grades in fourth grade and I was INCREDIBLY stressed about it. I tried everything from grounding him to beating him. (kidding). It was just a rough year for both of us but I kept it out of the blog because I didn’t want to upset him MORE than he already was about it. He is INCREDIBLY smart (don’t all parents say that?), but he tends to lack motivation and he REALLY likes to do things quickly. In which case he finishes them FIRST and does them WRONG.

This year? With the new school and new friends? Ones who motivate him to compete for good grades (who doesn’t love a bit of competition) and he is doing GREAT. These were the best grades he’s had in AGES and I couldn’t gush more about him.

Woo Hoo!

(Okay, that’s enough for my parental bragging for the day.)

Here are your token pictures of the dogs that I know you were waiting for. Sitting there…wondering, “Hmm…do Zoot’s dogs still look the same as they did YESTERDAY? Have they changed?”

No. They have not.

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  1. Wow…wouldn’t have thought there’d be a huge “Zoot” population in Alabama. Wondering if it’s going to be the new name trend (like Jennifer and Jason in the late 70s or Brittany in the early 90s….)

  2. Hee! I’ve had that happen with the phone conversation many a time… When I was growing up, there was a family that had someone with my name and my dad’s name with a number one digit off…there were so many confusing conversations that we eventually figured it out and started explaining to the people who called…

  3. Ha.
    I’ve gotten one of those calls before.

    And hooray to LilZ for getting good grades! I know how he feels – I’m the same way. If it’s not interesting to me I don’t like to put forth the effort. So go LilZ for biting the bullet and getting the job done!

  4. I got a call like that recently. It was the crazy woman who called me to yell at me and tell me to stop calling her. Which was odd because she *called me*. And the icing on the weirdness cake was that we were on vacation at the time, and she was calling the phone in the vacation house we were staying in, so it wasn’t like it was a phone that we use normally. It was weird.

  5. SNORT! HA HA! I hope you didn’t think that was me. I am a foul-mouthed vulgarian, but I don’t know your phone number.

  6. that phone call is a good one…almost as good (but not quite) was the time I walked in to the coffeeshop
    girl at the counter: Are you casey?
    me: yes I am
    g@c: well we had a problem with your order
    me: my order?
    g@c: yes the order you called in
    me: I didn’t call in an order
    g@c: but your name is casey?
    me: yes
    next girl to walk in the door: Hi my name is Casey I called in an order

    see randomness – it’s everywhere 🙂

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