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Happy Halloween!

Yes. That is a photo of my hot and sexy and TOPLESS husband. But it’s not entirely gratuitous, as he’s carving a pumpkin, and that is what this entry is about. PUMPKINS! Not hot husbands, but PUMPKINS!

(and hot husbands)

This was LilZ’s first year carving his entire pumpkin from start to finish all by himself.

We decided we wanted to go ahead and carve our pumpkins so that we’ll have already done it whenever we go into labor. I know they’ll probably rot before Halloween, but at least we’ll have done it. We LOVE carving pumpkins. And like last year, we went with a Homestar Runner theme. Well, the boys went with Homestar Runner characters, I went with the Miss Zoot standard: A Butterfly.

LilZ’s is the PomPom in the middle while MrZ’s is the TROGDOR!!!! at the end. MrZ picked the most complicated but of course, it turned out awesome. They all did. I’m very proud of us and our mad pumpkin carving skillz.

11 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. TROGDOR AND FUHUKUGODS! Or however you spell it.

    Maybe I should get a pumpkin… Or will you guys come and trick-or-treat up here?

  2. I was worried there’d be no strong bad after the butterfly… but … I was proved wrong. Not to say your butterfly doesn’t kick @$$#03L, but… well… strong bad… c’mon!

  3. Ooh, the Trogdor one is awesome! And your butterfly is pretty, too, of course.

  4. We also started early this year. Future hubby carved the most beautiful spooky face into our pumpkin! Of course, I had to blog about it too! 🙂

  5. We have an actual outdoor entrance for the first time in our five years of marriage (we lived in a loft in a locked building before) and can finally carve pumpkins. We’re having a really hard time picking our homestar stencils. I have a feeling we may end up carving 4 or 5 pumpkins 😉

  6. I am NOT looking at your hot hunky husband without a shirt….but I am curious what he has for ink? Looks like a symbol of some sort on his left arm…I just got a new tat so I am interested…that’s all *wink*

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