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Monday. Monday of my LAST work week before I go on maternity leave. Did you hear that? My LAST work week before I go on maternity leave. Woo! Hoo! It’s almost baby time!

(enough of that nonsense)

I spent quite a bit of time playing with my new camera this weekend. It has a GREAT setting for continuous shots so I got some good ones of the dogs playing. I just sat outside with the dogs for awhile and photographed them. Why is it that dog owners take SO many pictures of their dogs? I think I have more pictures of my dogs than I do of my son.

I got quite a bit done this weekend, I’m proud to say. We took walks both Saturday and Sunday mornings. We learned Sunday that one part of the neighborhood has a LOT of big dogs behind a LOT of short fences. I have been bitten by dogs twice in my life so I am VERY uneasy around strange dogs. Especially when those dogs are LARGE and ANGRY and trying to CLIMB THEIR DAMN FENCE to get to us and Sweetie.

And yes, Sweetie was TERRIFIED. She started wimpering at one point, probably wondering why we were subjecting her to such ridicule in front of the neighborhood dogs.

LilZ and I spent most of yesterday painting wooden name plates for his and NikkiZ’s bedroom doors. I’d show them to you, except they have their names on them, so – you’ll just have to trust me that they are BEAUTIFUL. We bought some pumpkins to carve too, but they’re still sitting in the garage. Unadulterated.

Guess what else LilZ and I did this weekend? Started watching Season 1 of Veronica Mars. We are REALLY into it and you guys were AWESOME to suggest it. The problem? Trying NOT to sit and watch it non-stop. Also? I really wish I had been recording THIS season so when I’m done with the first one, I could catch up with the rest of the world.

We were at MrZ’s parents house last night and his Mom was letting us know she’s more than available to do things like laundry and housework after the baby is born. Of course, MrZ was all “FOOD! Make sure we have FOOD! I don’t want to STARVE TO DEATH!”

(Okay, he wasn’t that desperate, but you could tell he meant business)

Okay. I’m thinking I may officially give up on Desperate Housewives. I was really irritated with it last night. REALLY irritated. I think I spent more time bitching than doing anything else. Lynette? Most selfish mother in the world. Susan? Most annoying woman in the world. Bree? Most clueless woman in the world. And where were the new neighbors? I wanted more of THEIR story? BAH.

That’s it for this episode of “What did Zoot do this weekend?” Gripping, I know.

10 thoughts on “Random photos and random tidbits”

  1. I’m really enjoying DH so far this season. I think it’ll pick up, though. I think they’re just trying to settle into the groove with the new family still. I think it’ll all work out in the end. =)

  2. I’m sooo glad you two starting watching Veronica Mars… now LilZ will develop a crush on Kristen Bell I’m sure. And don’t worry you can catch season 2 on reruns… start tivoing now and wait to watch them. Yay!

  3. You got a new camera? Me too. What kind did you get? By the way, you can never take too many pics of dogs. I cracked up when I saw the kiss pic between your hon and the pup, because I took a similar one this weekend too.

  4. Oh, I just knew you guys would ilke “Veronica Mars”.

    Sorry that DH isn’t doing it for you this season. I feel the same way about “O.C”.

    Great pics…

  5. I agree, DH is kind of a let down this season. Not let down like you’ll be experiencing in a few weeks nursing though, let down like disappointment! Ha ha, I’m so funny.

    Oh okay, anyway, DH is almost too boring and predictable. They have taken the characters’ flaws and blown them out of whack too much.

  6. I know! I could not believe what Susan did with Zach! But I will admit to laughing like a loon at the opening scene with the prison riot. Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy?

  7. I’m soooo done with Desperate Housewives….it simply bores me now. I just don’t get it.

    But love me some Grey’s Anatomy!

  8. I love your randomness, Zootie!

    Where’s the BIG BELLY picture? You can even crop your head out, if you want.

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