Can you hear me now? Good.

I’ve mentioned that my brother is a psycho, right? Have you seen the race he’s training for? If you’ll notice on the website it says: 2.4 mile swim (I’m guessing my doggie paddle wouldn’t cut it that distance), 112 mile bike (he says the bike he has for this race is worth more than my car, which really doesn’t say much), and 26.2 mile run (marathon distance). But my FAVORITE part? The part where it says “24 hour fun!”

Crackheads. All of them. 24 hour FUN my ASS. More like 24 hours worth of voluntary torture for a bunch of FOOLS who obviously have never heard of TiVo or else they’d have more important things to do, like watch old episodes of MacGyver.

And yes, my brother is one of those crackheads. He’s been running regular triathalons for several years, but those were not challenging enough, I guess? (I told you, he’s psycho) He hired a trainer earlier this year and has been doing this intense training/diet ever since to prepare for this ONE day of FUN! FUN! FUN!

Since the run portion of this silverman thingy is a marathon distance, my Bro thought he’d run one as part of his training. Namely? The Chicago Marathon which was held yesterday. Unfortunately – there was some sort of timing issue that his trainer did not want him running the whole thing, so he was only allowed to run, I think 19 miles of it (ONLY? HA!). Around 11am or so (the race started at 8am), I thought I’d call him and leave a message to let him know I had been thinking about him while I ate chocolate and sat on my ass.



Seriously, he actually had his phone on him and was able to talk (I think he was about 15 miles in?) to me for a moment while he ran. Of course I was all flustered like, “Oh god, I’m sorry to bother you, um, call me later, love you, okay?” and hung up quickly because HE WAS RUNNING A DAMN MARATHON. He probably could have died trying to talk to me on the phone and run at the same time. I get winded talking on the phone and doing LAUNDRY for chrissakes, and let’s don’t discuss how easily I would have tripped trying to do both at once.

He’s a damn freak.

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  1. Yeah, you won’t find me caught dead doing something like that. Or rather, if I did do that, I would be dead (from exhaustion).

    I think people who like doing stuff like marathons (for fun!) aren’t necessarily crazy, they were just wired differently when they were born. I wouldn’t mind having a little bit of that dedication since I’m trying to stay healthy and work out. I’m just not committed enough.

  2. please try not to call him while he’s doing the cycling portion of his race; da fool would probably answer and things could get messy.

    Or? Not.

  3. Are you kidding? Um, he carried a cell during the marathon? Who was he expecting to call? Man, way to make the rest of us (normal, chubby people) feel LAZY.

  4. My mom ran the Chicago Marathon two years in a row and by the second marathon, she brought a DATE, and they went out to eat at a RESTAURANT right after words!
    Just walking from the train station to the finish line of the races left me out of breath and exhausted!
    But anyway, after that second race, as I watched her and her date walk away, hand in hand, to go to dinner, I couldn’t stop laughing at the fact that they were walking around people laying in the grass in agony at pulled muscles or trying desprately to catch their breath. Yes, she too is a CRACKHEAD!!

  5. I did the Chicago Marathon in 2002 and it was one of the awesomest things (and most difficult) I have ever done! I joke that when I go into labor in February that I’ll wear my medal around my neck for inspiraition (although I am SURE childbirth will be way harder than months of training for and ruinning a marathon).

    Lots of people carry phones (and cameras) during so they can locate their friends, tell them where they are so they can come cheer them, etc. Chicago is one of the easiest to do because it’s flat the whole way!

  6. Okay, I ran for like 3 years. I liked the fact that I could eat and drink like a pig and not gain weight. Then BAM the knees went , one hip went, and my doctor says, “don’t you know that crap is for some one who’se crazy? Now put down that bag of Dorito’s and just walk” I guess walking is better then joint replacement surgery!

  7. Okay, now I *really* feel like crap for sleeping too late to do my measly 45-minute treadmill routine today.

    Stories about sporty types are just too depressing.

  8. Ooh, Ironman! He is indeed a crackhead. Well, he’s a serious amazing athlete, and only a crackhead for talking on the phone during the Chicago Marathon. Good golly, that must have looked odd to people around him.

  9. thank goodness I’m not a crackhead!

    Of course…I don’t think I could be even if I wanted. 😉

    I guess you can be athletic and healthy by osmosis, right??! Anyone w/that much energy certainly has some to spare! Gah!

    Maybe he can come have that thar baby for you!??

    Sounds like a good idea to me…why don’t you call him and ask??


    Obviously, it’s past my bedtime. Sorry to comment under the influence of sleeplessness.

    G’bye. 😉

  10. My god, that was exhausting just reading that. They MUST be crackheads.

    I need to go and lie down.

  11. Well, you’ve got a Pretty Damned Cool blog going, and you helped me get my running blog going. Maybe I’ll achieve Crack-Head status too someday. If you blog while giving birth, that will top any marathon or iron man event that I can think of.

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