Adulting, Zoo.

MrZ – the animal friendly genius designer

I believe I’ve mentioned before that Cisco, our male boston, has his share of medical problems. Mainly: bad knees and a mild nervous condition that spawns small seizures and a whole hell of a lot of shaking. This makes Cisco very week when it comes to jumping up on our tall bed, so every night he paws at the side of the bed when he’s ready and I pick him up and put him in bed. Of course, because he is a VERY PROUD dog, he has to growl at me while he does it. Like “I know I need you to do this for me, but I’m going to act like it pisses me off so that I can maintain some of my dignity.”

MrZ decided to work on a solution to the issue Sunday. Here are some of the “in progress” picture. He designed it with the cats in mind as well, as you can see with LilZ getting both of them to play on it.

LilZ wasn’t able to do much in the way of helping because it required the use of a glue gun AND a nail gun and considering MrZ fried the HELL out of himself during the process, we decided LilZ should pass on it as well. Here is the final product:

How cool is it? Cisco is actually using it to get up in the bed too! Now, he’s still jumping off of the bed, which we’re trying to keep him from doing because that’s bad on his knees as well, but going up is a good start. And I’ve seen the cats on it CONSTANTLY – so it really is for ALL animals!

MrZ is so handy AND creative. I hit the jackpot of husbands.

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  1. That’s awesome! One of my coworkers had to do soemthing for her dog because I think she had bad hips. They built a ramp for her to go up. =) That looks really nice, Zoot!

  2. Maybe if Cisco insists upon jumping off the bed, you could place a couple of large floor cusions in the spot he usually jumps to to soften his fall and lessen the jolt to those poor knees πŸ™‚ After all, he obviously is a man with pride.

    Oh and top job MrZ!!

  3. That is so weird. My dog is the same. She’s a very small jack russell who has a bad back, so we all have little step stools next to our beds so she can jump up and down. And she has a nervous condition where she shakes. When she’s stressed, or has a stomach ache, she shakes. The vet gave it a special name that I can’t remember and said it goes throughout her body ie. her internal organs like her stomach contract as well making it very uncomfortable. The vet prescribed phenobarbital, which is human medication for epilesy. It works really well and really fast.

  4. Holy Cats!!! You should did hit the jackpot! Nice job MrZ. Have you see the price of similar items at Petco? They are like $50 or more dollars just for little bitty ones…

    Good job!!!

  5. Jackpot indeed. husbands that can do that kind of stuff are so much cooler than all the others. Everytime something breaks around here or goes goofy, my husband’s all “piece of cake” and fixes it and then goes and builds something and I just drool.

    And seriously, if I had cats, I’d so order one. (Not to mention, it matches your rug!!!)

  6. Hey! Okay now I don’t feel so bad, only that I do. I too, have a Boston (he’s mixed with a pit bull) and he suffers from seizures and gets the shakes. Mainly, he’s got arthritis in his legs. Okay, you’re going to think I’m totally stupid but we live in a remote village in Alaska…therefore we don’t have a PetSmart or a Home Depot. But we do have online shopping, so I went to Foster and Smith and bought him a set of steps. The sick part? Because we are so far away, I had to pay more for shipping than the damn steps cost. But he’s my baby, and if I starve to death? So be it. Check out his pic if you want, But Bostons are the best. And Cisco? Is soooooo handsome.

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