Lazy? Or Stubborn? You decide.

We just got back from our OB appointment and ultrasound. The good news? She’s practicing breathing, she’s got important body parts, and she’s measuring a tad big, but not obscenely huge. She weighs about 6lbs now, and since she’ll probably gain about an ounce/day for the rest of the pregnancy, she’ll be under 8lbs when she’s born. Not bad!

The bad news? She’s sideways.

For those of you new to the world of fetal positioning, we want NikkiZ to be head DOWN and ready to go by 38 weeks because at 38 weeks? She’s too big to really move anymore. If she’s feet first? Vaginal delivery could ALMOST be attempted, although most doctors prefer to schedule c-sections in that situation. But if they’re SIDEWAYS? No one even wants to try vaginal delivery.

So, remember when I said I knew she had turned sideways and I hoped she had finished the flip at some point but if she’s anything like her mother she probably stopped because she got tired? And I was really just being cute and funny? Well, it looks like that is EXACTLY what happened and you know? It’s really not cute and funny. Although it does explain why I still can’t breathe and why my hips hurt so much. The little booger is SIDEWAYS in my uterus.


And she looks terribly uncomfortable too, with her head all crooked and her shoulders jammed into my ribs. We tried to tell her she’d be more comfortable with her head towards the light, but she’s not listening to us.

I have been prescribed much sleeping on my left side to hopefully piss her off enough to make her finish the move. We are to be back in for another ultrasound on Wednesday to see if she has decided to finish the task at hand. If not? Well, at some point we’ll talk c-sections, but not right now. For now? We’re just threatening to revoke her driving privileges until she’s 30 if she doesn’t get her ass in gear and MOVE already.

15 thoughts on “Lazy? Or Stubborn? You decide.”

  1. SIDEWAYS? No, not good at all! NikkiZ, you need to scootch your head DOWN girl! You do *not* wanna make your momma go in there after you, she will *not* be happy!

  2. Did you guys watch the movie Sideways? Maybe she liked the title… ;p
    I’m thinking at first she was probably lazy and now that she knows you want her to move she’s being stubborn.

    I like your doctor’s recommendation though – it’s like when you let the dog sleep on the bed with you and he tries to push you off in the middle of the night. You find yourself laying in strategic positions to claim your territory and win.
    Good luck! I hope that left-side sleeping makes her move soon!!

  3. Oh no! I feel for you, I can’t imagine having a 6lb kid inside of my SIDEWAYS. My little guy was breech up until 34/35 weeks and one quite evening he decided to flip. At that point he was already 5 lbs. 11oz and it was horrid, I can’t imagine if he stopped while sideways.

    I sure hope she turns around!

  4. damn! have you tried jumping? support your tummy on her foot side, but let her head gravitate down? maybe jumping is out of the question in your physical state. I am sorry, sending your baby girl some head south to the border vibes…

  5. Hey there Miss Zoot! I have been following your life(I guess I can say that) for a few months. I just want to say how a mother’s instinct is so powerful. You knew she flipped but, not all the way. I know the rest of the symptoms were there too but still. A mother knows best!!

    Good luck my dear. I hope she does sumersolts for you.

  6. I know nothing about this type of thing. But, good luck getting her to finish with the flip. I figure it’s a natural thing and your baby knows what it needs to do to be born!!

  7. my sister had a c-section scheduled for last tuesday as her bub was in a breach position. when they did an ultrasound on monday the bub had flipped into the right position so they canceled the operation. hopefully she’ll have the bub soon.

  8. my sister had a c-section scheduled for last tuesday as her bub was in a breach position. when they did an ultrasound on monday the bub had flipped into the right position so they canceled the operation… my point being there is still hope!

  9. I had 2 frank breech babies go vertex AT 37 & 38 weeks, one made the wise choice to move minutes before I was to go through an external version. So I’m sending you my good luck uterus baby moving head down vibes, go nikkiZ go!

  10. Thinking all sorts of positive flipping thoughts for the baby girl. Come on, girl, get down there!

    Go into the light NikkiZ, go into the light!

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