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Sometimes a girl just wants to talk about her wedding.

NikkiZ is due October 25th, which just happens to be my SECOND wedding anniversary. Since I was talking about her due date in the last entry, I’m not thinking about my wedding day. LilZ and I drive past the hotel MrZ and I married at almost everyday. Whenever we do, it’s become a tradition, for LilZ to say “Thats the hotel you got married at.” I respond, “Yes, it is,” and we both pause and think about that day for a moment. Yesterday? LilZ said, “That was just the best day EVER. I wish we could have another one.”

I don’t know what is better, knowing that LilZ thinks that our wedding day was the best day ever in HIS life, or the knowing that it was in mine too. I worked for six months planning a large wedding under budget with TWO goals: #1) Having a wedding that was all about US and not about “normal” or “tradition” or what other people wanted and #2) Making sure LilZ was as much a part of it as possible. We pulled it all off with flying colors and it has since become one of my favorite things to talk about. Looking back at one of the best days of my life so far, all the planning that we did initially was worth it for sure. I don’t think the day would have ran as smoothly as it did. I am so grateful and this is definitely a day to remember.

Here are the things we did to make the day special for all of us:

  • The kids in the neighborhood all helped me make the party favors and decorations
  • LilZ helped me make the arch we used during the wedding.
  • LilZ asked several of his friends to be IN the wedding party too.
  • I rented a Limo for the morning of the wedding to take all the kids around town to thank them for helping me so much. It was my first EVER limo ride.
  • We had a wedding cake made out of donuts.
  • We played contemporary music. The bridal party walked down the aisle to James Taylor’s You’ve got a friend, I walked down the aisle to At Last, and MrZ and I left the wedding to I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.
  • I wrote a poem for MrZ that was read by my friend Stace during the wedding.
  • After the “official” dances of husband and wife, and husband and his mom, I danced with LilZ to Kelly Clarkson’s A Moment Like This
  • THEN? Me and all the kids got on the dance floor and did the Hokey Pokey
  • We had the aforementioned ball game on the TV at the reception
  • I wore hot pink sequined butterfly shoes under my wedding gown.
  • I made all of our bouquets out of fake flowers all by myself and only suffered a few severe burns from the glue gun.
  • I let LilZ pick out his own tuxedo.
  • LilZ walked me down the aisle WITH my Dad. Actually? I panicked when I heard the music start and left them both behind. But then, I tripped (of course), laughed, and waited for them to catch up.
  • I wore my hot pink tie-dyed house slippers to the wedding reception while both MrZ and LilZ wore their tennis shoes.
  • Did I mention the donut cakes?

Anyway – I just wanted to reflect a moment on the coolness that was our wedding. I’m afraid we may not be able to really celebrate our anniversary this year, so I wanted to make sure at least ONE thing was mentioned about that day.

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  1. That’s a beautiful story. And as I’ve told you before, your wedding pictures always make me smile. Which is really odd, as I don’t like weddings. Maybe it’s the non-traditionalism. I’m sure you hear this all the time, but LilZ is a great kid.

  2. What a sweet set of pictures. Congratulations. It might be really cool if NikkiZ was born on the 25, then you’d have two huge events to outshine the football rivalry.

  3. I wore the same dress as your friend Ebeth in my sisters wedding this year, but i have flabby arms to I had a pink wrap to go around it… her colors were pink and black, the bridesmaids wore the same dress too but they all had pink boleros… it was way cute. Love your wedding pics!

  4. Too weird- Our son is due on October 24th and that is our 9th anniversary… trippy.

    We all wore chuck taylors in my wedding party- I had white ones.

  5. Your wedding sounds like the absolute coolest, probably because you made it about YOU and your loved ones, not worrying about how things are “supposed” to be done.

  6. That is SO COOL. What a great wedding. And the KK Cake pics are making me huuungry for donuts.

    By the way, you are HOTT in your pics.

  7. Your wedding rocked! The best I’ve ever been apart of. If I EVER find a husand?? You’re my coordinator!!

    Like how I just tell you that?

  8. Your pictures are beautiful!!

    I also had my bridesmaids where black and they got to pick there dress out, everyone’s was different! It looks like that’s what you did too:)

  9. Oh, those photos had me all teary-eyed. Obviously it was a wonderful day, full of love and humor. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary!

  10. What a great picture!!

    We made our wedding a nice (but fun and a reflection of us.) For example, the song we used to announce us as husband and wife was “Welcome to the Jungle” and our first dance song was “My Sacrifice” by Creed.

    Our grandmas nearly fell over when we played those songs since they’re not traditional, but they ended up liking them and it got everyone in a dancing mood. 🙂

  11. mathair – I'm the mother to two beautiful children and I'm married to my best friend. I have the most amazing group of friends and family that I am lucky to call my own. My life is good in so many ways. I have suffered from Chronic Hepatitis C for the past 12 years. I'm so done with this disease This is me getting ready to kick some serious Hepatitis ass.
    Allie says:

    Hey! My wedding anniversary is October 17, 2003. 🙂 My daughter was born 10 months later. Hee, gotta love those honeymoon babies.

    Your pics are absolutely smashing. You were obviously all so very happy and proud to be there.

    I can’t wait to see if your girl shows up on your day.

  12. Not really celebrate? What could be a better celebration of an anniversary than the birth of a child? I think it would just be the perfect anniversary for you all.

    BTW, I LOVE that picture – you can really tell you’re a cool mom 🙂

  13. I wish I could get you to sit down with my 22 yo sister who is now going to elope because they can’t make everyone else happy with their wedding plans. She doesn’t feel strong enough to stand up for what she wants. It is so sad. I can’t make her believe that doing what she wants is the BEST weddingever.

  14. That is the most romantic story and the cutest picture ever! I’m glad you get to drive by the hotekl and remember such a happy day…


  15. I’ve looked at your wedding pictures before and they always make me smile. The little girl in the front who really has no interest in a) smiling or b) looking at the camera – she cracks me up.

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