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Safety patrol

I have casually mentioned before how pleasantly surprised we’ve been with the new school LilZ is going to this year. We were expecting a downgrade because we put too much stock in things like reported test scores, but in reality? We have been so much happier at this school than the last, which is odd since we loved the last school so much. I’m embarrassed we judged a school by such a ridiculous metric.

One of the prime differences? Is between safety patrol at the two schools. At the end of fourth grade last year, LilZ was told that if he wanted to be on safety patrol in 5th grade, to go ahead and sign up. He pretty much said, “Not ‘NO’ but, ‘HELL NO’.” The safety patrol at his old school consisted of a bunch of 5th graders in orange sashes SCREAMING at other kids to A) Slow down, B) Stay single file C) Sit down on the benches D) Shut up. They did NOT do it nicely and the adult moderator encouraged them to be militant. I got yelled at several times for various reasons over the last four years. And let me tell you – getting yelled at by a 10 year-old makes you question whether or not it should be so “against the rules” to beat the crap out of other people’s children.

But at the NEW school? All the safety patrol kids do is stand and wave the parents through traffic. As each car stops, the kids help the students get OUT or get IN, depending on the time of day. They are polite, kind, and seem to be having a good time. There is no superiority complex or militant commands. It actually looks like fun. So, LilZ did the logical thing, and joined them this week.

He really likes doing it. Because he’s new, he gets shuffled around a lot, but he’s having a good time. So – between that and being elected to student council, LilZ has become more active at this school in 5 weeks than he did at the last school in FOUR YEARS. This has taught us the valuable lesson that schools in wealthier districts are not always better for your kid than schools in poorer districts..

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  1. Yes, we need pictures!

    I second your comment that sometimes wealthier schools are sometimes not better. And yes, I typed sometimes TWICE. I am not trying to make a broad-sweeping statement here, BUT…..

    My younger brother and sister went to a much wealthier school than my other sister and I. Guess what? It turns out wealthier kids can afford the GOOD drugs, not just the homegrown kind like the kids at MY school. I was horrified with some of the stories my younger sister has told me that she has seen AT SCHOOL.

  2. We moved from Madison city district to Madison County a little over a year ago, and this school has impressed me more by leaps and bounds than the other school, in the more affluent place. So I definitely agree that wealthier schools are not always better, nor are wealthier students always better behaved or more respectful..

    The safety patrol kids at this school are always very nice and polite, too….and they don’t seem to mind that my car is junked up beyond belief most of the time.

  3. I love to hear about kids having a good experience at school. I always loved it so much and like knowing that others do to.

    Way to go LilZ. Can’t wait for the adorable pics of him in his new uniform!!

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