Slowly but surely? Or just slowly?

We have the BIG BABY SHOWER this weekend. The one that I REALLY wanted to be held at my house so we could show off our new home AND the nursery to friends and family. However, now that it gets closer and I realize how many people I don’t know very well who will be here? I’m REALLY nervous about opening my house up to new people.

Oh yeah, and the nursery is not done yet. And by “not done” I mean, trim still needs 2 coats of paint, furniture needs to be unboxed and put together (if there is a God, he will PLEASE make sure we have all pieces and parts for those pieces), the crib bedding has not even been taken out of the package, and nothing is on the walls. In other words? We have quite a bit to do. So last night? MrZ worked and worked and painted and worked. And what did I do?

Sat in bed, tried to update my portfolio (which HAS to be done before the shower?), talked on the phone, and watched TV. Oh yeah, and I moaned about my hips a lot. And whined periodically. And complained.

I was VERY busy too, as you can see.

I still havent even STARTED my pregnancy scrapbook I wanted to have done to show off, pictures that I’ve been talking about hanging on walls for THREE WEEKS now are STILL stacked in piles in my bedroom, housework still needs to be done and more TV needs to be watched. (It’s premier time, people. TV is very important.) In other words? MrZ is at least knocking things off his list, while I’m just becoming that annoying, useless pregnant woman who seems to be more concerned with moisturizing her feet than getting anything done towards preparation for a baby.

But, really – what did you expect of me? Have you SEEN how dry my heels are? I’ll get some work done tonight. I promise. After soccer practice.

Update from 2020: I was looking for photos from September 2005 to add as the featured image for this entry because I’m reformatting old entries to fit the new style and I found this photo which is from that night’s soccer practice and it’s freaking adorable.

11 thoughts on “Slowly but surely? Or just slowly?”

  1. I think once you get to the final couple months of pregnancy, you shouldnt feel the need to do anything more than sit around and find ways to be comfortable. Besides, I am sure if you offered to help your husband, he would tell you to go sit down.

  2. New twist on a shower (although I suggest only enlisting close friends and family for this one) – prepare/order some killer food and fun drinks and have guests work on the nursery with (for?) you! I’ve been to painting parties for people who’ve moved into new homes or apartments and it can be pretty fun, especially if there is regular party stuff going on afterwards.

  3. I don’t think that you will be thinking useless when you are giving birth to a HUMAN BEING and MR. Zoot is standing there patting your head. He needs to paint a few more rooms and give you a pedicure before he can catch up. But, then again, he is standing there looking cute.

  4. Dude I totally with Janey and I lived near you – we’d totally be over and helping out and get everything done! Let me know if there’s anything I can do from here!

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