Have you been watching the aftermath of Katrina? The Devastation is astounding. 80% of New Orleans is still underwater and people are still stranded on their roofs. All of MrZ’s family lives in Slidell which is across Lake Ponchartrain from New Orleans. One uncle weathered the storm and last we heard, he’s fine, but it is impossible to get ahold of anyone on landlines or cell phones in that area, so MrZ’s grandparents have been unable to touch base with anyone to see if there is any damage, or WHAT damage there is, to their homes. I doubt anyone escaped at least a little damage.

Here in Huntsville? There is debris all down the streets and in the yards, the winds were up all night along with the rain, and LilZ slept on the floor of our room (he started in the bed, just TOO crowded with my big belly and snoogle pillow) because it was a wee bit scary. When MrZ got up to take a shower he hollered at me because everything LilZ had been sleeping on was soaking wet. At first? We thought he had an accident (which he finds very funny) but it turns out we just had a breach in the roof valley of our home because there is no flashing on our roof. There’s soaked carpet in several corners of our home. But that is NOTHING compared to what the people along the gulf are dealing with – so we’ll consider ourselves blessed.

Because the majority of the families left behind during Katrina were poor already (hence, why they couldn’t afford to evacuate) they are the type of families that don’t have savings or maybe even insurance to help them recover. This is the type of disaster that hits those who have no protection financially. We have insurance, we have savings, if our homes were destroyed, we’d make a recovery – eventually. We’re very lucky. But for many of those who lived through the hurricane, are not as fortunate. Keep them in your thoughts and your prayers. Our community usually has water drives and such things after these types of disasters. If your community has the same – please help. They will have major food and water shortages.

If your community doesn’t have anything like that going on? Try to find one to donate too. At this point? There is no guarantee where your cash will go, the best programs are the ones that take busloads of food and water to the hard-hit areas. These people have contaminated water sources now, you have no idea how much they need just the four dollar cases of water you buy every week. If I find any way to donate money to those types of efforts, I will post a link (you could always default to The Red Cross). This one hit close to home, MrZ has several members of his family directly affected by Katrina. Please keep everyone in your thoughts.

Here’s a few pictures from when we stayed in a house that is now gone.

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  1. We are blessed that our family that lives in Madisonville (right accross Lake Ponch) made it to Lake Martin, AL to stay with my in-laws. Prayers for your family in Slidell.
    We are still waiting to see what kind of damage occurred to my SIL’s house and her husband’s business (he repairs furniture).

  2. I’m numb from watching the news. I just can’t wrap my mind around this devastation. My family and I came home to PA just ahead of Katrina. We were vacationing in New Orleans last week, hanging out with friends, having a great time. As far as I know, most of my friends evacuated safely,but they may not have anything to return to. ANd you are right, the people affected most were probably the poorest. I am just overwhelmed with grief for them.

    The Red Cross is a great organization to make a donation to if anyone wants to help.

  3. I second Lisa’s comments regarding the Red Cross- the nice thing is that the money will still be well spent if they happen to get more than enough donations (as happened earlier this year with the tsunamis).

    Will keep Mr. Z’s family in my thoughts. Keep us posted.

  4. I’ll be keeping MrZ’s family (and the others in that area) in my thoughts. I’m sure you’ll let us know how things turn out.

  5. All the evacuees came here to Houston.
    The city is hoping to open up Reliant Center as a shelter (last I heard, it could’ve already happened.) Everyone’s been nice to the Louisiana license plates on the road, and our tv and radio stations have done a great job keeping everyone updated and giving out phone numbers for evacuees to call to help find shelters, hotels, etc.

    J is the Executive Chef at a hotel downtown and they’re booked up for the next week. He’s been doing extra little things for the LA people like sending complimentary snacks to their room and stuff like that.

    The girl that sits next to me at work had an aunt and uncle (who lived walking distance from the beach) decided to board up their one story house and stay. No one can get in touch with them and they’re assuming the worst. 🙁

  6. i watched the news all day yesterday and still can’t even begin to imagine what those people are going through. so much destruction and devastation, it’s horrific. luckily, everyone who i know in the area got out safely. although their belongings may be another matter.

  7. My mom was in Waco and I was living in a small country town about an hour outside of Houston, but my dad and my beloved-late-four-legged brother (Char Cole) had to live thru Tropical Storm Allison when it hit Houston in June 2001. We were so lucky that our street was the only one in the neighborhood that didn’t have damage to the houses. The back of the neighborhood had water up to and flowing into the houses from the chimneys. Its a scary thing when you cant get your loved ones on the phone because even the cell phone towers are under water. My dad said that Char Cole would cry when he needed to go to the bathroom because he knew better than to go inside the house but he couldn’t go outside because the water was too high. The pictures of the damage and the water are forever inked into my mind. God’s blessings and speed to those affected by Katrina.

    BTW.. I really like your new blog design. Pretty, artsy and simple.

  8. Storms never used to bother me but now that we own our own house, it’s scarier.
    Praying for MrZ’s family.

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