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We have HUGE news in the Zoot household!

LilZ has entered political office. He is now the student council representative for his homeroom! My son – a politician. He won his campaign on the Marriage Rights for Homosexuals ticket. We’re so proud. His Nana is already campaigning for him on the Democratic ticket for the 2032 presidential election. Buy your bumper stickers now!

(Okay. He actually won on the Heads-Down-Eyes-Closed-And-Raise-Your-Hands-To-Vote-For-LilZoot ticket. But hey, his foot is in the door, people. Be patient.)

How impressive is he? He’s the freakin’ “NEW KID” for chrissakes! What “NEW KID” has EVER – in the history of the public school system – EVER made it in an election less than a month after starting school? I’ll tell you who. NO ONE. Unless they were gifted with the amazing talent of being able to befriend EVERY LIVING SOUL, AND POSSIBLY ZOMBIES TOO, like LilZ has. He’s amazing to see in action. He fears no situation alone because as he sees it? There’s a potential friend in every room.

Sniff. You’re proud too, aren’t you? You kinda feel like you’ve got a bit invested in his future? Yep. Thought so. See? He even has that power over the INTERNET. Don’t resist, his charm is too great.

To celebrate? We’re taking him to sit in a sky box at the local minor league baseball game. Actually, that was kind of a coincidence because Grandpa won tickets for us ALL to go a few weeks ago. But hey, I don’t mind using someone else’s luck to reward my son for a job well done. And there sure as hell is NO OTHER DAMN WAY you would get me and my large sweaty ass outside for an ENTIRE baseball game unless there was an Air Conditioned sky box involved. So, we all win in this situation. Especially those who will have to sit next to me. I do NOT smell pretty when festering outside for more than 10 minutes.

20 thoughts on “Politician”

  1. way to go, LilZ. I wish I was like that when I was in grade school. I was so shy and quiet and bashful and insecure. I hated being that way. Life is so much more fun when you just go for it and take chances and enjoy the ride. Good parenting has much to do with it, so way to go to you guys too 🙂

  2. Zoot, I will not pretend to know what you are going through, seeing how I am not yet a mother. What I do know is that I have plenty of friends that are mothers and many that are to-be mothers and it is refreshing for someone like yourself to not take themselves too seriously, tell it like it really is and be able to laugh at themselves. I cannot believe anyone would ever think anything but that you are a great mother and so thankful to be one again!! I believe that good things happen to good people… and you fall into that category!

  3. Congrats LilZ!!!

    If ever you need proof of what a fantastic mom you are Zoot…look at your son…he’s pretty spectacular.

  4. Even though he is the NEW kid, which can sometimes be hard, he is assuredly the COOL NEW KID– which is wonderful, mysterious, and well, definately cool enough to get you into office.

    And what a great reward for all of you. Have fun! (and eat some peanuts for me!!!)

  5. You bet your sweet bippy, I’m proud!!! That is just amazing. I couldn’t win an election even when I wasn’t the new kid. Awesome!

  6. Glad to see you’re back so soon! Your posts really help me make it through my boring days that make up my job this summer. And Congrats to LilZ!

  7. I CAN’T WAIT until he runs for President. I mean, I’m not even American, but the way American politics is affecting the entire world, we need a good little Democrat like LilZ to get into office.

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