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Fifth Grade is going to ROCK

We picked LilZ up from his family reunion last night to take him to his new school orientation. This was MrZ’s first time inside the school and he agreed with LilZ and I, as a building? It’s very nice. His teacher seems cool too, and as LilZ put it “She make a couple of jokes no one laughed at but she didn’t seem to care!” Which, you know, says a lot about her.

There have been a few changes in the City of Huntsville policies regarding attendance this year. For example, after ONE unexcused abscense, a letter is sent home from the principal explaining what truancy is and how you can end up paying fines and even in jail if your child does not go to school. After THREE unexcused abscenses? A SOCIAL WORKER will be sent to your HOME. We were a little shocked and decided we should probably refresh our memory about what defines and “Unexcused Abscense.” I’m fairly certain it is simply one that does not end up with a note from the parents explaining it, but I don’t want to find out I’m wrong when the social worker comes knocking at my door. Attendance has NEVER been a problem for us because LilZ likes school, but I’d hate to forget to write his sick-note and end up in jail. That would kinda suck.

They aren’t messing around this year, are they?

MrZ and I have decided to try not to be so scared of things like the PTA this year. I may even try to get involved. It’s just, well, other parents kinda intimidate me and I’m all worried about fitting in and whatnot. How silly is that? But, we are going to try, and we even signed up on the chaperone and volunteer sheets. They are going on an all-day field trip to the recycling plant, wastewater plant, and humane society, and both MrZ and I want to go on that one. Which means we’ll have to fight over it. I could totally take him in an arm wrestling competition if it comes down to that.

We made ONE MORE school supply trip last night (Cant. Stop. Buying. School. Supplies.) and I’ll take LilZ back to his reunion sometime this morning. I am feeling good about this year, we all are. Now, if I can only get LilZ to stay AWAY from my PENS.

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  1. The PTA is a bit intimidating. Some of the parents can be just a little high strung, but overall it isn’t too bad. It sounds like LilZ will have a great year.

  2. The wastewater plant? That makes this Environmental Engineer soooo happy! I’m tearing up a little.

    On all of your school supply jaunts, have you found Dixon Ticonderoga No. 2 pencils? I need them.

  3. 5th Grade was an awesome year for me. I guess because it was your last year in elementary school and you get to move on to bigger and better things. ^_^

    Sounds like LilZ is going to have an awesome year, lots of things to do. =) My friends mom isn’t in her daughters PTA because most of the moms just sit at home, etc all day and then they have meetings at like 9 in the morning where they just drink coffee for an hour. :-\ So she can’t really do that with working from 7-330 and all. But my schools PTA was awesome. ^_^ They even made it more into a SPTA (Student parent etc.) Which was really cool. =)

    Speaking of pens… What kind would you suggest? I need a new pen… My favorite disappeared. ;_;

  4. Sounds like LilZ is gonna have a great year! All of the rules can be kind of intimidating. As far as an unexcused abscense…out here it means that you’ve not written an excuse (note) explaining it. We don’t have to say why they missed..just something like “please excuse LilZ for being absent on 8/1/05.” At least, that’s all it means here.

  5. I know that there won’t be any social workers knocking at your door. I think they just want a note saying that you KNOW he wasn’t in school. I’m also proud you are both wanting to be involved. That’s awesome. Oh, about the pens, they had some really cool ones with the squishy stuff at the dollar store and they were in really cute colors too! I am a school supply whore ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Eeeek! “Other parents” are always intimidating to me. I don’t know why. Good on you guys for getting involved!!
    Sounds like LilZ is going to have great year ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I really hate getting involved with other parents, especially when it’s the PTA. Not because they’re all bad or anything – I’m just the same way you are, intimidated. Of course, there are always the really bitchy ones that talk about everyone behind their backs like we’re still in Jr High or something.
    I volunteered once at my stepdaughter’s school for this bake sale thing (6th grade) and it was such a nightmare, I haven’t even thought about volunteering since. So, good luck.
    Oh and keep those absence notes coming – it would suck if I didn’t get my daily dose of Zoot ’cause you were in jail… It would make for a hell of an entry though, wouldn’t it?

  8. Other parents totally intimidate me especially since I’m “just a sister” and they all sit and wonder “why is the kid living with her?”…..I just let them wonder…makes life a little more interesting.

  9. I think it’s things like the PTA that scare the hell out of me when I think about Elizabeth going to school.

  10. First soccer mom – now PTA? You’re one brave woman….I always sign Mr. Motorcycle up to do the field trip thing because I am a total wuss that way.

    Thought about the sick notes – what if you just wrote up a blanket form letter that all you had to do was fill in the date & sign? Could make mornings with a BABY trying to get LilZ back to school soooo much easier.

  11. Geeze – there must be alot of unexplained absenses in your school district. Sending a social worker is a little heavy handed in my opinion. I wonder how the social workers feel about this poilicy? Betcha they are swamped and its one more thing taking them away from the work they really ought to be doing. Oi!

    (a longtime reader and first-timer commenter)

  12. Delurking: It might be unpopular but, for me, living in a city like New Orleans with kids running amuck during school hours, I would totally support the absence policy. Unfortunately, it’s the cities that have the biggest problems that don’t take steps to rectify them.

  13. Wow, that seems a little extreme but like others said, it may be b/c of problems in the past. I do like how they let you know your kid wasn’t in school though. Some parents are never aware b/c they have to go to work and then instead of going to school, the kid sleeps in. But we all know LilZ isn’t like that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck on becoming more involved. I’d be nervous and intimidated too, but I bet once you meet everyone they’ll turn out to be really nice and they’ll think you’re cool.

  14. lol too bad they didn’t have that policy back when I was in high school…that probably would’ve stopped me being absent 64 days, huh?

  15. if huntsville has an overabundance of social workers such that they have time to visit the houses of everyone who has three unexcused absences…well, huntsville should share the wealth.

    we normally had a few days to get a note in for an absence, not just one. but today, I learned that elementary schools in other states start the day before high schools…so I have begun to question normality.

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