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Guess What I’m Doing

After a day full of surprise parties (My friends threw me a surprise party. How cool am I?) good food and Harry Potter preparation, it is finally time to start reading. I’ve post a few pictures of the night, and I’ll post more pictures over the weekend, but I probably won’t write any entries for awhile because I want to wait to write until I’m done with the book. Also, I don’t want YOU to have ANYTHING else to read other than the 6th Harry Potter book too!

18 thoughts on “Guess What I’m Doing”

  1. I love those shirts! I had such fun with that line in the movie, anyhow. I want a marauder’s map so bad. i mean, how handy would that be?

  2. yay! what fun! my copy is going to show up tonight. after seeing those pics i am kind of regretting not going last night. lol.
    my book online book group is reading HP this week (or today!!) if you want to pop over and chat about it.
    happy birthday a little late. have fun reading!

  3. I love the shirts and LilZ’s stockings rock! Enjoy the book. I am still waiting to hear if my dad got one of the 100 copies that went to his base in Iraq. Since I haven’t heard anything, maybe that means he is reading?

  4. GREAT pics!

    What fun that everyone dressed up/colored their hair. The cool socks really add to the whole Look.

  5. Nice shirts!
    My copy is sitting here tempting me, but I’m trying to refrain due to the other things I need to be doing (like cleaning for houseguests). And I know if I read that first page, I’m a goner – my only saving grace is that it’s so much shorter than the last book, so if I get sucked in, I might actually have time to do other stuff today.

  6. Aw – I love how all the little girls are doing the Tonks thing. That’s so cute!!
    Got mine this afternoon – am on pg 131. Must keep reading.

  7. Gah! I JUST finished it–SO good… If anyone who’s finished it feels like discussing it, email me–my husband will take FOREVER to finish it, so I’ve got no one to talk about it with.. 🙁

  8. I so shouldn’t have bought it from Amazon, cos I didn’t get my copy till 6pm! Sheesh! I just finished ten minutes ago (11:10 my time).

    Read! I need to discuss!

  9. I hope you enjoy the book. You have fantastic friends! Looks like a great party.

    PS: Happy birthday!

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