It is THAT time of year again! “THAT time” being when we increase our canine population for a week while MrZs parents go on vacation. See, they have one Shitzu (Prissy) who is about 11 years old. Then, they have TWO Bostons (Daisy and Rosco) from a litter that LilGirl had with Cisco. So, it’s kinda like a 4-legged family reunion. Although, this is the first year Sweetie is part of the picture, and that had us worried us a bit.

We were supposed to get all the dogs on Saturday, but Hurricane Dennis forced the inlaws to change their plans and they didn’t leave until this morning, so we got the dogs last night. The pictures above are of the scene in bed last night while MrZ and I attempted watching Mooseport. SIX DOGS and two grown adults in ONE King Size (thank GOD!) bed. Two of them have their own beds to sleep in, so we only shared the bed with FOUR of them through the night. ONLY FOUR. ha. Fun times.

It’s funny, the three visitors have been following me around ALL morning, and normally, Sweetie is the only one who does that. She’s not a big fan of my increased entourage. She liked it when it was only her. Meanwhile, my other two dogs are staring at the group of them following me like, “Why are you doing that? She’s just doing housework. Trust us, it’s not worth the energy. We learned a long time ago that she doesn’t keep treats in the laundry room.”

3 thoughts on “SIX DOGS. SIX.”

  1. It’s great to have dogs following you around the house like that. My mom called me yesterday to tell me that our dog died yesterday. They had to put her to sleep because she had cancer.

  2. Oh, it’s going to be so much fun w/ all the dogs this weekend! I had forgotten about having all them…….now I’m THAT much more excited, if possible! 🙂

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