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Why do I STILL get up at the butt crack of dawn (5:15am) even when I KNOW I don’t have to go to work? Because my body hates me. I believe.

My Dad made it in town yesterday. We went for a picnic at the park and went swimming. A VERY brilliant thing to do during 95 degree days with high humidity. I probably could have stayed in the pool FOREVER if it weren’t for dinner plans.

So, I’m up. I’ve got the dishwasher running, I’ve got REAL (with caffeine!) coffee brewing for my Dad, and I’ve got breakfast ready to go. And by “ready to go” I mean “the biscuits, in the can, are in the refridgerator.” I don’t think I have EVER made homemade biscuits in my life. And I’m not going to ruin that streak now.

I think we’re off to the Botanical Gardens today. (Do you know we almost go married there? We did. But then we decided we’d rather have a cheaper LOCATION so we could buy MORE BEER. Best. Decision. EVER.) I hope to have some good pictures of pretty flowers that I would totally kill if they were in my care, thank god they’re not.


11 thoughts on “Mornings.”

  1. Sounds like an awesome day you have planned! I also kill stuff..good thing my kids were hearty.

  2. I’ve actually made homemade biscuits a few times…well, I made the mix (yay MasterMix) and then like a week later made the biscuits, but it still counts right? And? mmmmmm good.

  3. listen, homemade, (scratch) biscuits are over rated! Why spoil Lilz? He’ll do better in life knowing that warm wonderful feeling of Mom’s cooking can be replicated by opening a can! This is what my daughter tells me. “I feel so close to you each time I open that pop and fresh can!” Brings a tear to my eye!

  4. I’m not big on canned biscuits, but the frozen ones…they are GREAT! I agree, why make the real thing when the ready made ones are just as good.

  5. Seriously- canned biscuits are good. Just TRY and get the layered buttery goodness from scratch. Anyways, I agree that you don’t want to spoil the boys. I made the mistake of making scratch yeast rolls/bread/pizza dough (LOVE the ktichenaid) and now my parents (and dave) WHINE about making them for every family dinner. I’ve also been the homemade dessert supplier for every holiday for the past 5yrs. ONE christmas I made pecan pie and cheesecake and now they EXPECT it. Sheesh.

    Also…. just because you have company you feel the need to update as often? What, you expect us to entertain ourselves? At work? Geeez. Heh.

    Sorry, I’m a whiner. Have a GREAT weekend!:)

  6. Canned, frozen, scratch. Biscuits are almost like pizza. There’s no bad pizza, they all start at good and work their way up.

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