Weekend Pictures

The background stories behind these Father’s Day presents: First? The shoes. When MrZ was 10, his sister was born. He always wanted her to have a pair of baby air jordans because he wanted a pair for himself SO BAD. He had to help save up for his, and his sister never got a pair. He tells this story ALL THE DAMN TIME. So, I found some retro pink air jordans online to give him for Father’s Day so that NikkiZ can have the shoes he always wanted for his sister. Of course, the first thing he did was put them on the dog. And the bib? I just found it and since it had a butterfly on it, I had to buy it. I have a thing about butterflies. Hence, all three of my tattos having butterflies in them.

11 thoughts on “Weekend Pictures”

  1. mcdonalds and krispy kremes…thats my kind of day!! 🙂 – Now, I promise, I’m off to do something with my time since I realize I’m a wee-bit to obssessive since I realized what your diet consisted of for the day – perhaps I will get busy FINDING A SHRINK!!!

  2. sorry – i’m anonymous. But still, looking back at that post it just added to the scarriness didn’t it?

  3. wow, you are GLOWING! (course I first typed B for the G but, well you know, hahaha).

    Doesn’t it feel sometimes, tho, like the US IS backward?

  4. OMG what a ridiculous pseudo-country. I mean it took me a second, but I’m Canadian so that’s my excuse but yeesh. Oh, and Zoot, I have to tell you, I watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the first time, finally, and I might just have to start reading the books but I LOVED it and must know what happens next!

  5. Zoot, just gotta tell ya that you’re lookin’ CUTE! I totally dig your hair & you do have that pregnancy glow goin’ on.

    I am very, very afraid of that store & its maps.

  6. LOL!! Don’t buy any maps from that Map place, LOL!! They mutilated the US, lol

    Scary! ::backing outta that store slowly:::

  7. Heh. Love that map. Bein’ here on the Right Coast and all. And I gotta get me a tool belt. That would go great with the play structure I’m building for Lucinda. Since I hate football, I’ve got to build stuff to prove that I’m a Real Man (TM).

  8. Hey Zoot!! I am so behind in blog reading it is not even funny!! Don’t even want to mention the last time I posted on my blog (eeeks) Anyway I am glad you like the stuff! That is the first time we (my sis and I) made a Belly Rub for moms to be, glad you like everything. Enjoy! Hope the pregnancy is going well, how far long are you now? Take care!

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