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I was a Daddy’s Girl

I would love to take some time to write a detailed entry about how much I love all of the Father’s in my life. Unfortunately – we have to be on the road in 30 minutes for the 400 mile round trip to pick up LilZ from his weekend with HIS dad.

My Dad is coming in town to visit this week and I am looking forward to it TERRIBLY. My Dad travels a lot with his job so it’s always hard to find a good bit of time to schedule a visit. I can’t wait to show him my house. He’s seen me living in an assortment of places, some good, some bad, but never my own. This will be a nice change.

He’s an amazing man, my Dad is. He raised my brother and I, which was no easy task, and you’ll have to just trust me on that one. My brother was such a good-for-nothing trouble maker that Dad didn’t have a lot of time to focus on the perfection that was his daughter.

Hee. Yeah. It was NOTHING like that.

My dad survived a teenage daughter…ALONE. And to me? That is enough to make him a saint. And the funny thing is? Whenever I casually mention the hell I put him through, he always acts like it was a breeze and he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Selective amnesia is a GOOD thing when it comes to blocking out a teenage daughter’s puberty years. I plan on using the same technique with NikkiZ.

Anyway – I’m lucky to have had a brilliant father growing up. And nothing pleases me more than knowing that MrZ will be the same type of figure to NikkiZ. And of course, MrZ is like that because his OWN father is awesome in every way too. MrZ and I truly lucked out in the dad-department, and any good parenting skills we show, we owe to them.

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, to MrZ, and to my Father-in-law. And to all of you other Dads out there. May your day be filled with full control of the remote, ice cold beer, and lawns that don’t need mowing.

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  1. Well said……isn’t it amazing the older we get…not saying you are old……that we appreciate our parents more

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