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Mother’s Day Movie Extravaganza!

Today is our Mother’s Day Movie Extravaganza. Every year for Mother’s Day, LilZ and I go to the theater all day – watching movies and eating obscene amounts of popcorn. Unfortunately? There were NO good movie’s out this year on Mother’s Day. So – we waiting until this weekend. We are seeing Madagascar, Some move in 3-D about Lava Boys, and of course, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We will buy the giant tub of refillable popcorn and giant sodas. I can not WAIT.

So – I’ll be back later to let you know how HOTT Angelina and Brad were in the movie. And I’ll try not to drool on my blog.

Edited to add these photos and an update: It was great!

22 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Movie Extravaganza!”

  1. What a nice tradition you and lil zoot have. That’s such a great idea! Have fun at the movies and I can’t wait to hear about mr & mrs smith.!

    BTW…what a great picture of you and hubby!

  2. Brad and Angelina better watch out, because the Zoots are giving them a run for their money in the “great looking couple” race. 🙂

  3. Your couch looks so comfy! I want join the little cutie in taking on nap on there. Love the color too.

    Enjoy your movie marathon day- that is a great idea. So glad you posted an actual head. You and Mr.Z are so darn cute together! The hair looks great. If I cut mine that short it’d be just a big ball of puff. You have the nice, pretty, defined, non-frizzy curls. You suck! Hehe.

  4. Zoot, you look beautiful and incredibly slim for a pregnant lady at the halfway point! That Mr. Z, he’s also not too bad!

    Have a great mother’s day extravaganza! Hope BabyZ has fun too!

  5. You look so cute!!
    I think you are definately in the glowing phase of pregnancy. 🙂

    As far as movies go, I myself can’t wait for Batman Begins. J and I have tickets to see it opening night on the IMAX. Yeah, we’re just slightly Batman fans. LOL

  6. What are you taling about?? Your hair looks very cute! I can’t believe how much it has grown!! You are too freaking hot right now, and it’s making me sick. I mean that in the nicest possible way… ; )

  7. You guys and the dog are adorable!

    I think going to the movie theatres all day is a great idea. Tell us how Mr. and Mrs. Smith is, I can’t wait to see it.

  8. Y’all look great! And what did yout think of Mr. and Mrs. Smith? I enjoyed it. Although, I think Angelina may be too hot for Brad.

  9. I was going to say that, too — I love the couch!

    And yeah, there’s no mistaking the pregnant now.

  10. Mr Moo and I Have a similar tradition, everyday we watch Finding Nemo..then he wanders around clutching the DVD case to him like a woobie…soo similar and all…

  11. Oh Mommy Zoot, you look so gorgeous. Stunning. Incandescent.

    Waaaaah!!!! Sniffle…snork…


  12. What a guy, he loves you. Yep that’s a man proud of the woman who’s going to give him a child.

    I just noticed you got the orange couch, how’s the doggie hair holding up to it?

    I have suede deep sea foam green in my living room set, the cat leaves enough fur that I vacum it twice a day for good measure.

    btw do I pronounce it like Nikon the camera? Love it btw..I love diffrent names.

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