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Remember the painting?

I thought I’d post some pictures to PROVE we were painting the last several weeks. Here are some before and after pictures of a few of the rooms in our house. Here are the before pictures of LilZ’s room. Notice the pale yellow walls and flower curtains.

And here are the AFTER pictures. How rockin’ is that room? He actually picked the colors out himself. When he first said he wanted a blue and green room, I was unsure how that would look. BUT – the shades he chose? Look SO good together – don’t you think? And notice how we painted the doors different colors? We’re cool.

Here is the kitchen before and after MrZ painted it. We darkened the walls with a khaki color while lightening the trim with a shiny white. I decided since the walls and cabinets were so neutral, I’d bring color in with bright pottery for above the cabinets. Now, we just have to find a good replacement light fixture. Just call me some cool domestic diva other than Martha Stewart.

And finally – the best room of all. We replaced that tacky mauve color (which looks more orange in this picture) with the same bright white trim color. And we also got NEW COUCHES. The pillows that come with the couches aren’t the best – but the COUCHES. Are GORGEOUS. Aren’t they? And yes. You must agree or I’ll totally fire you.

30 thoughts on “Remember the painting?”

  1. Gorgeous! LilZ’s room is too cool! I love the fireplace, too! You done good, girl. (so did MrZ and LilZ)

  2. Oooh… lighting! That’s really fun. I work at a place that sells lighting, so let me know if you need any opinions. The paint looks great!

  3. everything looks so good!

    and what’s up with LilG? quite the horn-dog… though Rusty is a looker!

  4. Everything in the house is looking great! I think you did an awesome job choosing colors. LilZ’s room RAWKS! But what’s with HUMPfree the dog!

  5. LilZ’s room is tthe BOMB. I’m so jealous. And he has drums…..

    I can’t believe how much better the fireplace looks painted!! Great job Zoots

  6. one of your very pretty kitties (not sure which one it is) looks like its about to devour that candle! ha! is that bad thtat that is the frist thing i noticed!? also? can you come decorate my room? please?

  7. Wow, Lil’ Z’s room does totally rock! Very cool. I like your kitchen color, too. It looks like it’s the same color family as our living room, only just a couple shades lighter. Good choice.

  8. Dang, Lil’Z’s room is awesome. He definitely has an eye for color. I’m all impressed. It looks like those before and after pictures on the home improvement shows.

  9. LOVE IT! Everything looks awesome and it looks like everyone is enjoying the new house! Congrats! Even all the animals are happy!

  10. MY gosh Zoot! Yall have a great house! And LilZ’s room is AWESOME! What a great change for you guys! I bet you are totally loving it. Yall have done a GREAT job with the decor!

  11. It all looks so great, especially Lil’Z’s room. I have to admit, though, that my favorite part is the clothes peeking out of his dresser drawers. Nothing says “I’m a boy” like closed drawers with stuff sticking out. I love it!

  12. oh Miss Zoot— it is all so so so so beeeeeyoutiful! Truly. LOVE the kitchen colors very clean and chic and “metropolitan home”— love it all— congrats on the major move! Hope you get to just kick back and hang out now until the baby comes . . .

  13. If the rockin colors didn’t make that room the coolest room on the face of the earth, the OC poster topped it off. For real, best room ever! Good work by all of you.

    Although, I can’t for the life of my understand why he didn’t want to keep those fabulous curtains…

  14. I can’t believe it’s the same house – amazing what a little paint will do. You guys did an awesome job!

  15. Can I just say that LilZ’s room TOTALLY rocks, and if it’s OK with him, I’d like to show the pics to my son, who needs inspiration for his new room? Then LilZ can say his influence in modern interior design stretches as far as Australia πŸ™‚

  16. I love your son’s room! Those colors absolutely rock. I can only imagine how thrilled he must be to have the coolest room ever to call his own.

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