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New Orleans COULD Be Its Own State

The morning radio show I listen to was discussing the differen ways to say “New Orleans”. Everyone was commenting on how annoying it is to hear people (usually NOT from the South) pronounce is phonetically. “NU OR-LEE-ANS”. Most of us slurr it so it becomes more and more like “NAH-LEENS” the closer you get to the city itself.

This, of course, made me think of something entirely off subject since I’m evidently showing signs of Adult Onset ADD.

MrZ is smart and it has ALWAYS pissed me off. He’s always there to tell me I’m wrong or to add supplemental information to any story or viewpoint I have. When you have an ego and pride the size of mine? This can get quite annoying. This was ESPECIALLY painful in college, since we were studying in the same program and doing the same work.

I was always wanting to do better on tests or projects than he did. And of course, I rarely ever did. One evening, I was trying to fill out a map of the U.S. There were several lakes I was supposed to locate and study for a test. I was struggling to find Lake Pontchartrain in the state of Louisiana. I KNEW it was in LA, I just wasn’t sure where.

And there MrZ was, watching me from above. In my head? I was muttering Damn him and his damn Louisiana living family, probably knowing EXACTLY where Lake Pontchartrain was. Damn him. Any second he’s going to say “It’s in Louisiana, Zoot” which I KNOW it is in Louisiana and that is just going to piss me off when he tells me that and I’m going to have to scream DUH! JUST BECAUSE I’M NOT AS SMART AS YOU DOESNT MEAN I’M STUPID!

We stayed on Lake Ponchartrain in 2004 – pre-Katrina

And then he said it, “Zoot, Lake Pontchartrain is in New Orleans.”

And I responded to what I was EXPECTING him to say when I snapped in as smartass of a tone as I could muster, “Well, NEW ORLEANS is an AWFUL BIG STATE, DUH!”

Yep. New Orleans is a BIG state. And he STILL married me.

9 thoughts on “New Orleans COULD Be Its Own State”

  1. I am also married to a GiNourmous know it all. Only he really does know it all, and three languages to boot.

    Sometimes I find it effective to just sit under a blanket and pretend I am THE SMARTEST QUEEN of the tent people. Plus i t blocks out all those really annoying voices I always am hearing…

  2. People in New Orleans can’t even agree on how to pronounce the name of the city that they live in. The Mayor says it differently than the news anchors which is nothing like the man selling shrimp from the back of his truck.

  3. That’s okay, Miss Z…a couple years ago, I was out drinking many margaritas with a friend, who started talking about the “state of Omaha”… To this day, we still make fun of her. And more recently, at my law school orientation, I was absolutely HUMILIATED when a guy told me he was from Denver… I started talking about a certain little eastern seaboard state that also begins with “D”–I was SO embarrased to realize that Denver? and Delaware? SO not the same, and I looked like a HUGE dumbass. But REALLY, I DO know that they’re different!!!!

  4. Ok, you know how IQ level for genius is 150? Yeah, my dad’s IQ was tested at 220. I can NEVER win an argument, it’s just not POSSIBLE! I feel your pain – don’t you want to be right just ONCE??

  5. lol, thanks for the late night laugh, hehe I just pronounce it New Orlinz, I never have pronounced it New Orlee-ans, you can tell when someone is out of state if they pronounce it like that. Anyway I don’t think it makes a difference, I still know what they are talking about…..hehe

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