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Field Day ROCKED. And Also Made Me VERY TIRED.

Yesterday was SO fun. Seriously. But it wore me out. A billion hours in the sun, chasing fourth graders? That would wear out my brother, and he’s training for the Iron Man. Much less ME – a pregnant lazy woman who hasnt spent more than five minutes outside all spring.

Here are some pictures from yesterday. Can you tell – by the chronological order – at what point it all went INSANE? Two words: Water Volleyball. They kids were SUPPOSED to play a version of volleyball with the sponge balls. You know – trying to get the other team wet? Yeah. Right. Remember it was REALLY hot yesterday? The kids spent the entire time squeezing the sponges on their OWN heads. Look at how WET LilZoot got! And he still had another hour of classroom time to do after this one event.

But he had a BALL. And so did I.

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  1. That sounds so cool! I wish it was warm here . . . it’s, like, 8 degrees celsius – I’m freezing my na-nas off!

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