My Reproductive Nightmare, Pregnant

So Far So Good

Quick Update: The clot is smaller than it was on Monday – so that’s good news, but it’s still there, so the doctor wants me ONLY going to work, nothing more. He’ll see me again next Thursday to do another measurement. We’ll know more then.

We also got some good pictures of the baby looking at us and SMILING! (or at least we convinced ourselves that he was smiling) MrZ is scanning all of the ultrasound pictures today and will post them as soon as possible.

There were also protesters out front of my OB today, protesting that one of the doctors is part of Planned Parenthood (THE NERVE!). Oh well. I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Which is unfortunate when it is opposing my own. I’m open minded like that.

That’s all for now. Keep up the good praying/sacrificing/ritualism. It’s obviously working. Look for bizarro ultrasound pictures later. And don’t forget to agree with us that the baby is smiling, even if you think we’re hallucinating.

19 thoughts on “So Far So Good”

  1. So I guess you’ll have to withdraw from the triathalon this weekend, huh?

    That is good news! (the smiling, not the protestors)

  2. Yay for good news!
    Just take it easy and get lots of rest so your body can kick that clot’s ass! πŸ˜‰

    I can’t wait to see pics!

  3. I’ve been thinking about you and praying for ya’ll. So glad to here about the good news. Can’t wait for the smiling pictures!

  4. Thank goodness! I’ve been checking on this all afternoon waiting to see an answer. All those good vibes have been working πŸ™‚

  5. Great News! I’m sure the baby is smiling and most likely has perfectly straight teeth also πŸ˜‰

    So – I’ve been paitient, no comments on Amazing Race this episode? Nothing about the Yield? You’re killing me here….

  6. Uck. I used to be one of those sign-wielding protesters waybackwhen I was in high school and still all virginal and pious and stuff. But once I started having sex and worring about unplanned pregnancy *myself*, it all but melted away. And now, I’m not so much pro-choice as I am pro-whatever-you-think-is-best-for-your-situation. Which, I guess is choice.

    Ok, I’m done. :p

  7. I’m finally de-lurking to let you know that I have been sending as many positive vibes your was as is humanly possible. Your courage and candor are inspiring. Keep up the good growing work, Baby Zoot! We’re all rooting for you!

  8. Oh, yeah. That baby is clearly smiling right at the coochiecam.

    And Bo Bice….shag-a-delic baby. (hope I spelled that right)

  9. Wow it is so great to see that little figure on the screen! Keep resting and taking care.

  10. You can count on me, dearest MissZ for all the Good Pregnancy Karma new age/wiccan/voodoo rituals you could possibly require. The Zoot Baby will thrive! And all that chicken blood anointing will be worth it!

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