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I’m Not Dead Yet!

I am still pregnant if the VERY faint and VERY hard to find heartbeats are any indication. I’m telling you – if it doesn’t get easier to find this baby in the next few weeks? I’m sending this doppler back and preparing for the future birth of the demon child who is already acting like a teenager and it hasn’t even ditched its tail yet.

Now that all of THAT is out of the way.

There are several pictures I need to post and one site that I need to “unveil”, but since I have none of those photos or graphics with me, I will, instead, pontificate on the finer points of my travels last week.

1. I will thank some god everyday that none of my VERY catholic family heard LilZ ask me “Who’s the Pope?” when everyone was discussing his death.

2. Watching MrZ work with the older male members of my family in re-roofing a shed was SUPER cool. Except for the part where he was hammering in the nail my uncle was holding. That scared the poop out of me.

3. LilZoot managed to impress all of my family with his artistic rendition of the super-heroes he has invented. Update from 2020: Notice the picture below of E showing his art to my Dad. My Dad was SUCH a good listener and always acted like everything you talked to him about was the most interesting thing in the planet. I would have never been reminded of this picture if I wasn’t fixing all of my old blog content. I love it so much.

4. Wild Turkeys are very cool. Especially when they are just hanging out in your Aunt’s yard.

5. No marriage is as strong as one that survives removing a tick from the spouse’s ass. And no man is as strong as the one who has to remove one from his own…well, you know.

17 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead Yet!”

  1. He he!

    My four year old son said “Which Pope?” I guess he was hoping it wasn’t a pope he knew personally.

    My other son (seven years old) woke up Saturday morning and his first words were “Is he dead yet?”

  2. yeah, I really LOVE when people comment on how quickly I’m showing. That’s just a nice way of saying HOLY CRAP! YOU GOT FAT! Like thanks a lot, my hormones really need that….

    Glad you’re not dead ’cause that would suck a lot.

  3. #1 I’m glad you aren’t dead.
    #2 I would never say anything like that – its just hateful.
    #3 Glad everything is okay even if baby is being uncooperative 🙂

  4. Ohhhhh OUCH!! On the ticks thingy… those things hurt when they’re in your arm. I can’t image the pain i’d feel if one was stuck in my ass… or hubby’s… well you know.

    Ohh and glad your still kicking Zoot, lol.

  5. Baby Lady Lives!!!!! News Reel at 5!
    And, uh, you aren’t looking like you are showing OR like you have gained 15 lbs.!!!You couldn’t have been cuter in MrZ’s new ball hat and your little backpack on your way to Target the other day!

  6. I’m slightly gaging over the tick, no I’m pretty much dry heaving over the tick. I’m got to wonder how it could crawl up your shorts or pants and you wouldn’t feel it? Must be a guy thing.

    My girlfriend Yvonne is pregnant, and she’s a big girl, she said she’s started to rub her belly a lot so people would know she’s prego and not just bigger than normal.

  7. i just found your blog through “so the fish said” and realized that you are from alabama. we have a blog meeting coming up this week if you would like to join us.

  8. I was with you all the way up to the tic thing, then I just sort of went…ewww!!! But you guys have a love that can survive anything, even tics!!!!!

  9. I was at the gym this morning doing my workout. I looked up from my leg presses and who do I see? Zoots freakin twin going like a banshee on a treadmill. If I had a cell phone with a camera and they allowed them in the gym . . . yeah, lot to over come there.

    Oh, and the tick on the tenders?? Y’all don’t have Lyme’s disease down there do you?? Up here in the northeast we have to worry about stuff like that. (Actually, my cousin in Virginia got it, so it isn’t just the northeast) Not fun.

  10. We asked a waiter in a restaurant on Saturday if the Pope was dead yet. But hey, we’re going to hell anyway so nothing to lose. Maybe your doppler is defective? Have you tried using it on the animals? They really enjoy it.

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