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Some Photos For Your Sunday

Remember when you all helped lilZoot raise $1,400 dollars for the American Heart Association? Well, he got recognized for he efforts last week at the Huntsville Flight basketball game.

LilZoot  was COMPLETELY amazed when he was told that one of the players wears a size 20 shoe. He loved  being part of the coin toss. The announced who he was, what he did, and he got to shake hands with all of the captains. It was super cool. We then got to watch the game from the special “suite” area on the side of the court. There were tables and we had easy access to the bathrooms, it was awesome.

14 thoughts on “Some Photos For Your Sunday”

  1. Congratulations on such a well-deserved, wonderful Saturday. Your world is a wonderful place to peek into, and I think we’re all glad if we can help make it a little bit better.

    Hooray for LilZ! And thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Way to go LilZ. Umm what IS that on L’il Girl’s nose? AND Sweetie better realize that is going to give her a stiff neck….LOL those are all great shots!

  3. Yeah, for LilZ! That was a very cool thing they did for him. Certainly should be a pride booster for him.

    That shot of Bambi is too funny! 😀

  4. Yay for LilZ!

    Zoot… you live in Huntsville??? That is where we’re thinking of settling down when my hubby retires from the Air Force… my big sister and her family live there.

  5. Yay for LilZoot (and us for getting him all famous)!!

    And also, thanks for the ZootPets pictures. Do you know your animals are crazy?!

  6. Love your pet pics. It prompted HB and I to sit and look through your 4 legged Zoots category for other pics. which prompted a nice family (cat included) cuddle on the couch.

    And congrats to LilZoot for getting the cool recognition and seats at the b-ball game.

  7. i don’t think sweetie is resting, i think she hears something in the walls. something that makes her eyes glow!

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