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I’m Defenseless

LilZoot had to make a “Family Tree” last night for his french class. Nothing fancy, just showing he knows the french words for various family members. He asked where to put MrZ and I explained to him that since this was just supposed to be a simple family tree teaching the words for “Mom” “Dad” “Grandma” and “Grandpa”, we’d just leave MrZ out of this one. It was cool he at least asked, that kind of stuff means a LOT to MrZ.

This morning, he said he wished he could put the ultrasound picture on it to show he had a brother or sister.

“But I guess it’s not safe yet, is it mom?”

We’ve kept him very informed through this whole TTC process. We discussed protecting him, at first, but MrZ and I pride ourselves in being honest with LilZ, and the idea of having to speak in code if he was around, or hide joy or sadness, was too difficult. I hope what he is learning is that we can cope no matter WHAT happens, and that sometimes, we don’t get what we want without a little suffering. We’ve even discussed adoption with LilZoot and he thinks that would be fine too “As long as they are YOUNGER than me. I don’t want a BIG brother or sister.”

And this morning, LilZ made a gesture that simply captures the entirety of why he needs to be a big brother, and why I want SO BAD to make him one.

He asked that when I start showing, if I can come pick him up from school more often so he can show me off. And then he kissed my belly.

Hands you a tissue because you should totally be crying over that one

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  1. again with the tears! we’re ALL going to be so emotional people would think that we’re ALL pregnant and hormonal! lilZ will make an awesome big brother!

  2. Give up the maps and write a book on how to raise kids. Because, honestly, you’ve got the best there is!

    LilZ, you’re going to be a wonderful big brother. You should be very proud of yourself and make sure you show the kid how to eat lots of vegetables and get all your homework done and clean your room…. (and goof off now and then).

    It’s a big responsibility, kiddo, but I couldn’t think of a better person for the job.

  3. Man, you are lucky to have such a wonderful caring son. I am sure that he will get his little baby sister or brother. I am out of tissues on my desk so I will use some random work papers….

  4. Official predictions:

    – Girl for Chris/Rude Cactus & Beth/So the Fish Said (Hey, I was right!)
    – Girl for RockStarMommy
    – Boy for Amalah
    – Girl for Zoot

    LilZ totally needs a baby sister.

  5. I swear I am going to stop reading your site if you don’t stop making me cry. Well ok, not really, not like I could really do that.

  6. What an AWESOME kid! And yes, I am totally crying. Both about the sensitive step-father stuff ( I have a KICKIN’ stepfather, props to MrZ) and the belly-kissing big brother stuff.

  7. He is going to love having a baby sister. No doubt!

    And family trees are tough for kids, even in so-called “normal” families. Why do schools do this? To torture any child who’s parents have divorced and/or remarried? Talk about having conflicting allegiances.

    We had a foster daughter who fought tooth and nail with her kindergarten teacher over how her family tree would look. Her teacher said she could only have one mom and one dad, our daughter insisted NO, she had two moms and one dad. End of story.

  8. LilZ totally rocks! He’ll be an awesome big brother. He’s already a great son for his Mom.

  9. So I was all choked up at the whole including Mr. Z in the family tree but then you threw the baby thing at the end and now I am all teary and afraid to get out of the chair to get another tissue because the puppy will then devour my ankles.

    What a good kid! You should be proud!

  10. Wow, what a great kid!!
    Hopefully you will pass along some of that knowledge to the rest of us so we can try to create more like LilZ.

  11. Awwww, he totally reminds me of my youngest (who will be 22 in two weeks) He’s still that sweet kid .

    You’re very lucky that you got one too.

  12. what a totally awesome kid he is! he’s going to make an excellent, no even better than that big brother.

    shucks, Zoot… you rock!

  13. Please, I was already crying because he wanted to put your ultrasound picture on the family tree! What a sweet boy you have there.

  14. that was the sweetest thing ever – I’m going to call my own little brother in honor of it – makes me remember how precious he really is!

  15. So sweet. He’s going to be an awesome brother. I can totally see him as an overprotective big brother to a little sister who adores him but wishes he’d quit scaring off potential boyfriends. πŸ™‚

  16. Geez – I’ll need a few more tissues! What a boy – you’re doing an awesome job with hin and he’ll be a super brother.

  17. Aw, gosh. Too sweet. Now you got me crying again………such a wonderful boy you have there, Zoot.

  18. Awww, dammit! I just got done bawling over the end of some stupid movie and now I’m off again. What a great kid!

  19. Seriously, LilZ is going to make a kickass husband to some lucky girl! I’m sending my husband over to your house so he can take some lessons from him!

  20. Okay, enough already – is this kid for real?? Also, can we clone him or better yet, can he come here and live with us so my kids can learn by example?

    He is so sweet.


  21. Seriously, with all the crying I’m doing you’d think I was the one who got knocked up. Yeesh.

  22. I agree, you are making him into one exemplary specimen of a future-husband for some lucky girl. And all the more crushing when you think of him getting that big heart broken someday. πŸ™ But it has to happen to all of us at least once… he’s already showing copius amounts of wisdom and maturity for his age, so no doubt he’ll do fine. ;D

  23. That is so sweet! I wish my kids had been that way. When I was pregnant with the last one, my oldest was so embarrassed, he didn’t want to walk with me.

    He was 10, and having a pregnant mom, meant his mom actually “did it” and the other moms obviously didn’t πŸ˜‰

  24. Aawwee…tissue here please; what a sweetie. Kids are funny people..they really don’t like being lied to and have memories that make elephants look like alzheimer patients. You are doing the right thing and it shows in his respect for you and what you are all going through. You obviously don’t need me to tell you that but reinforcements can be a good thing…enjoy your weekend.

  25. You have raised him well, he’s already wise beyond his years. I know that he’ll turn out to be a great young man. πŸ™‚

    And that was such a thoughtful idea to include Tiny Zoot on the family tree!

  26. I love him. Wait until he sees your butt and says, “Hey mom, I didn’t know your butt was going to get as big as your belly!”…LittleJuJu also has a way with words.

  27. One of the first posts I read now that I am home and I am so glad to hear that things are going well. LilZ is AMAZING. Forget the tissues I needed a whole roll of paper towels! P.S. Let him I know I got the thank you note!

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