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A 10th Birthday – in Photos

This one was actually taken on Donnie's parent's house.
This one was actually taken on Donnie’s parent’s house.

Yesterday was fantastic fun and I’m beat today. Nothing will wear you out faster than entertaining four 10-year-olds for seven hours. I started the celebration out by bringing E his lunch of choice to school (Taco Bell) and eating with him. Then we went to Bath Junkie and made our own bath products (everyone picked fruit scents…odd), we ate gelato, we went to a Japanese Steakhouse, and we saw Racing Stripes which was WAAY funnier than I was expecting it to be.

Of course I was expecting it to suck, so I don’t know what that says.

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  1. Zoot, you have just done an awesome job raising Lil’Zoot. He is just so happy, and you guys have a great relationship. You’re my hero.

  2. Now that sounds like my idea of a dream birthday…and I’m 25!….LilZ must have been in heaven…..good job chicka

  3. I love the make your own bath products concept. very cool.

    I was really drawn in by the pictures of LilZoot at the Japanese Steakhouse with the red headband and the umbrellas. I still love those umbrellas… and pirate swords…. very cool to incorporate it into an accessory.

    Happy Belated Birthday, LilZ!

  4. Japanese steakhouses rawk. My kids always pick our local (wherever local happens to be that year) Japanese steakhouse for their birthday dinners.

  5. Oh, and we watched Racing Stripes last night too. I imagine it will be one we get when it comes out on DVD.

  6. That is one kickin’ birthday celebration! You sure do know how to make special occasions memorable and individual each and every time. You are one rockin mama!

  7. How cool! I didn’t realize it but Boyscout turns 10 next month… a month to the day! 🙂 If I recall, Jan. 21st and Feb. 15 were 2 false labor days!

  8. Yay that everyone had a great time together!

    You’re such a wonderful family. Thanks for sharing all of this with us. 🙂

  9. Happy Day after birthday LilZ.. It sure looks like it was fun. I want to see that movie…I’ll probably have to go next weekend…wanna come?
    I Love you honey

  10. Shit fire! I remember when he was so teeny tiny. To other readers: I was right there at that university where Zoot brought LilZ (as she was saying in her last very sweet post about LilZ’s birthday), and I remember seeing him scamper around in front of the student center hub type building. Soooooo cute!

  11. Dang, I’m jealous! My birthdays were never that much fun! Still aren’t, come to think of it. I’m glad to hear Racing Stripes didn’t totally suck, as I’m sure I will be dragged to see it by the four-year-old.

    P.S. I love your birthday letter to LilZoot, too. Were you totally bawling the whole time you were writing it?

  12. Happy 10th Birthday LilZ! You’re in double digits now! 🙂 Oh, and your mom kicks ass, in case you may have forgotten for 5 seconds (which I doubt)!

    And I am so in the mood for Japenese now! THANKS! I’m buried in 2 ft. of snow with no chance of a restaurant being open right now. WAHHHH!!!

  13. Sounds like you all had fun, mommy included!

    My son saw racing stripes too, and it was good. And the other movie we discussed, heard it was crude, crass and a waste of screen time.

    Glad everyone had a wonderful time, looks like a happy little boy there.

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