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One More Week

One week from today, my sweet little baby boy turns TEN. He has decided this year NOT to have a party at the skating rink, or bowling alley, or whatever. He opted, instead, to go see the movie Are We There Yet? with his two best friends from school (both girls!) and our neighbor.

I spoke to one of the girls mom last night and she politely informed me she did not want her daughter seeing that movie, which is rated PG. We changed it to Racing Stripes. Now – I am VERY lenient and VERY liberal when it comes to what movies I let my child watch, so I am a bad judge. But – if it’s rated PG, don’t you feel pretty safe to let a nine-year-old watch it?

Anyway – he’s a bit bummed and kept saying “It’s PG! Look!” and giving me proof, and he had a hard time understanding that this girl’s mom didnt care. So – I promised him to take him BACK to the theater AFTER we take the girls home to see the late showing of it, if there is one.

*sigh* Parenting is TOUGH.

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  1. It can’t be any worse than half of the shows or even commercials on TV right now. (Have you seen a Victoria’s Secret commercial lately???—Not that I’ve been drooling over them or anything.)

  2. My mother was always pretty liberal about the movies I could see, and I turned out okay πŸ˜‰

    This reminds me of a incident my cousin told us about over Christmas dinner. Her son wanted to go see an R movie, and she told him he couldn’t. Then he politely reminded her that he was now 17 and could get in without her. They grow up so fast; you can’t keep ’em going to G movies forever. πŸ™‚

  3. SOME PG movies are not for kids I will give her that. But “Are We There Yet?”
    COME ON!
    P.S. In 2 weeks when mine turns 9 we’re taking him and 5 friends to see it (or racing stripes after I get reviews on both from you!) πŸ˜‰

  4. Man, I was watching PG-13 movies at 10… and it wasn’t because my parents didn’t care – they just thought I was mature enough to handel it. The problem is, a lot of parents don’t understand that the “adult humor” in these movies isn’t adult humor to kids. They don’t understand it. Just like Shrek. I’m sure LilZ doesn’t quite get some of the jokes in there. ^_^

  5. My kids tend to get to watch movies their friends don’t as well. I am not as concerned with the rating as I am *why* it got the rating it did. All of mine watch movies like The Patriot (rated R)… I tend to prefer to shelter them from movies with lots of sexual references/activity. I don’t mind war/guns/fighting, especially as seen from a historical perspective. I can be picky about language as well. If profanity is gratuitous and nonstop, I am more likely to nix the film.

  6. Maybe she doesn’t want her to see it because she thinks it’s going to suck, and she wants her daughter to remember Ice Cube for better roles, like Boys In The Hood. Or not.

  7. I’m not sure we can agree on this topic….so I’m just dropping by to say hi…and I hope LilZ has a wonderful bday celebration. πŸ™‚

    love you, my zoot

  8. I was always the “strict” mother when it came to what movies I let my kids watch. I personally think that most PG movies are not appropriate for 9-10 year old kids. The thing is that most of them don’t censor when/where they use what they “learn”. I work in a grade 2 classroom, and you should hear the things those little kids say! (and most of the time they don’t understand what they’re saying, or that it’s inappropriate to let adults catch you saying it!).

  9. Maybe she doesn’t want her kids to fall into the Macaulay Culkin mentality – you know, those kids in the movie do all sorts of mean things to Ice Cube. Just like little Kevin did in Home Alone…
    Or maybe she just doesn’t like Ice Cube. Who knows?

  10. Woohooo! Our babies in double digits? Makes me nervous and excited!

    For me? I need to see the movie first and determine what exactly the rating is based on. It does stand for parental guidance. You know how I am about language… Goonies was PG, and a GREAT movie, but I don’t feel comfy w/ the girls hearing cuss words in every other sentence…. especially when they’re coming from the mouths of 12 year olds. Individual basis… that’s all I’m sayin’.

  11. Yeah, my son finally asked for the simple part y too. I wonder if kids these days want to just chill out a bit with all the “noise” being pounded at them. Maybe a quiet party is a real treat.

  12. I missed last weeks de-lurkapalooza but am getting on record now. I feel so…de-lurked.

  13. My son constantly checks movie ratings (he’s seven) so I’m treated to an endless dialogue (ok, monologue) about “this one is probably too scary for me since it’s PG-13” or “I bet that one’s rated R since it has a shark in it” or whatever.

    There are some web sites, btw, that try and tell you a bit about movies from a paren’t perspective. I like to check out Movie Mom over at yahoo movies. I don’t always agree on what she says (she gives an age range, a “grade” of A, B, C- etc) but it does give you an idea if you can expect, for example, drug references or gratuitous sex.

    Helps me save my money by avoiding movies that are too bland πŸ™‚

  14. This is slightly off topic, but this post made me think of this: I knew someone who was very … er … legalistic and believed that it was wrong to go to the movie theatre. Period. (And I can understand the foundation behind that. Back in the day, movies and dancing and such were “out there” and “bad influences.” But today? Come on. You can find worse in a TV commercial.) Anyway, although he couldn’t go to the theatre, it was OK for him to rent movies. So he couldn’t go with our friends to see A Bug’s Life at the theatre, but he instead rented some slasher horror flick filled with crudeness and gore and sex and watched that at home. Is something wrong with that picture?

  15. Muppet: yeah, that’s kinda messed up. Maybe they have a phobia about the theater itself? (dark, strangers, popcorn, etc.)

  16. Ahhh,,,, just wait until he starts asking for the car keys. Then the fun REALLY starts!

  17. I had a few friends when I was younger that was NEVER allowed to watch anything. Even movies the teacher would bring into school for us to watch? We ended up not being able to because these kids’ parents would freak out. I actually felt bad for the kids more than anything because they were always mortified about it.
    I’m like you, pretty lenient. But, I definitely do monitor what (especially my stepdaughters who are 11 and 13) the kids watch to a certain extent – you have to. But some parents are so strict with it, all they can end up watching is Disney movies. Because really, besides Disney – who makes G movies anymore? Even most Disney movies now are PG.
    Oh well, I’m sure the kids will have fun going to the other movie too. Hopefully LilZ gets to see the movie of his choice before it leaves the theater. :/

  18. Um, I saw the movie “Heathers” when I was 11. The only time my father made me stop watching a movie was “Thelma & Louise” during that scene. I am an understanding and empathetic individual who cares about people. I don’t think shielding kids from movies will really help them grow.

    I mean, Bush was going to have Kid Rock at his inauguration. The outside systems that decide things for parents aren’t always the ones to be trusted.

  19. Kid Rock?

    I wish he’d invite Janet Jackson. Let’s give people their money’s worth!

    Actual quote of my seven year old trying to talk his way into getting to see an R rated movie: “It can’t be any scarier than Lord of the Rings”)

  20. Most of the time, I would think PG movies are okay for the under 12 set. Some PG-13s I’ve seen seem okay too.

    However, since I don’t have kids of my own, it’s real easy for me to speculate. I do think it’s a judgment call that varies for each parent.

    It’s possible that since the movie stars Ice Cube, that other parent expected excessive language & suggestive scenes.

    From what I’ve seen of the previews, “Are We There Yet?” seems like it would be hillarious.

  21. I think PG is okay, but I have a neighbor that is convinced that Satan produces PG movies and that R movies are Satan’s porn and X movies are too evil for the devil himself.

  22. I have to be the bad one and so, it means Parental guidence, it’s there for a reason. Kangaroo Jack was PG, I saw it with my son when he was 5, I was not comfortable watching that with him. There was a woman in a wet t-shirt in water fall with a man kissing…this is not 5 year old fare. I’m not that uptight, but there are limits to what I’ll let my son watch.

    Racing stripes was good and safe.

  23. P.S. I want to add. They’re kids for 18 years adults for the rest of their lives…make sure they remain kids…and that means not letting them watch certain things…half of what’s on TV too, that way we have digital cable so half of it’s blocked.

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