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A Story About Scarring My Child…Literally.

When I say LilZoot was a easy baby – I mean it in very literal terms. The kid rarely EVER fussed about ANYTHING. Which was good considering I got pregnant with him when I was 18 and knew NOTHING about being a mom to a fussy baby. Cute giggly babies are much easier for a first time mom. Heh.

E around the time of the incident.

So – when he was about 6 months old, I was driving him to his NaNas and he actually fussed a bit on the way there. Just a little whining, not even crying – really. It was the middle of summer and he was just wearing a little onesie. When we got to her house, I got him out of the car seat, and I saw there had been one of those plastic water-filled teething toys under his little butt. I thought “Hmm…I don’t remember seeing that there when I put him in the car seat.” Then, I glanced at his little backside and right below his butt there was a fist sized BLISTER on the back of his THIGH!

That damn teething toy had gotten SO hot in the Alabama Summer Sun that it had been boiling and was STILL hot to the touch, and then me and my DUMB ASS put my son down on top of it! I got so mad that I took the toy and threw it into the kudzu covered cliff by where LilZ’s NaNa lives.

And yes, he still has the scar today. It’s so close to his butt though, no one ever sees it. He does, however, like to show it off saying “Do you want the see the scar from the time my Momma burned me with a teething toy? …and then? She threw the toy off a CLIFF.”

15 thoughts on “A Story About Scarring My Child…Literally.”

  1. I have had a pin removed from my wrist. . .but I wasn’t a youngin’ so I can image what LeeLo is thinking right now. . .

  2. you know he is going to hold that against your for the rest of your life right? Just like JD does me for crap I did to him when he was little. Turds, we bring ’em into this world and this is the thanks we get. *humph* =)

  3. That is one of my most fave Zoot stories… EVER!
    I mean that sweet baby had like 3rd degree burns, and no one would’ve ever even known except for that gigantic blister on his little leg.

    Hmmm… Come to think of it? Maybe he did scream or cry. Maybe we just couldn’t hear him over my daughter’s CONSTANT screaming : )

  4. Girlscout pulled a curling iron onto her arm at the age of 14 months and still has the scar on her arm, thought much smaller from when it was the huge monster burn it was then!

  5. Laura’s mom tried to wax her eyebrows when she was younger and burned the crap out of her – she still has the scar!

  6. Ha. Well, since he didn’t complain much means he has a high tolerance for pain. Or he just didn’t want to be a fussy baby. 😉
    Don’t worry, what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger! Besides, everyone wants a cool scar story to tell…

  7. Ah! Kudzo! We’re hear about that weed over in California. ‘Weed in California’…sheesh, Zoot, where would I go with that phrase?

    Poor LZ. Poor you. I don’t know how all of us survived the first year with our first kid. And we couldn’t even take Xanax because we were nursing.

    Why am I talking about drugs on your blog?

  8. OW! Great story, funny now that he is recovered.


  9. I have a scar on half of my right eyebrow because when I was 14 my mom thought it would be a good idea to wax my eyebrows for me. She apparently used too much hot wax and tried to scrape off the extra hot wax before it set. But in her scraping she took off the skin! Yep, and then she made me lie to my grandmother about it because my grandmother would have killed her! She had me tell my gram that I did it by accident by diving into the pool!!! Hows that? She committed the crime and then made ME cover for her!!

  10. Yeah, I remember you telling this story too; it reminded me of the time my mother accidentally burned some of my hair off with a candle. Hee. She was horrified, of course.

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