Photos from the Holidays: Part 1

I’ve had several pictures from over the holidays that I’ve been meaning to upload. I decided to try to do it in two parts. Here is the first batch of photos.

This is a shot of my Christmas Table. I was really proud of how nice it looked, considering I was working with a 6 person table and a card table put together. I’m not a huge fan of the color combination of red and green – so I tried to add a little blue to the setting. Doesnt it look so pretty?

This is just an adorable shot of all of our dogs sleeping together. I have to post those every so often, ya know.

These are simply a couple pictures from the last seconds of 2004. LilZoot spent a small chunk of the evening playing video games in an afro wig, like most people do. Heh. And then he photographed me video-taping the evening. Rockin’ footage, I’m sure.

These photos are from New Years Day. Ariel has a nice voice and gets here practice singing Karaoke at a BBQ joint in Georgia. We decided to join her that evening. The girls had a ball playing darts and wowing the crowd with their singing. They enjoyed it that much that they have even asked if we can think about getting a dartboard as soon as we can. I love the fact that they want to be able to get better at it and it also allows them to have a bit of friendly competition with each other. I just can’t believe how much they enjoyed it that night! It was a nice night and I hated that LilZoot had to miss it because he was with his Dad.

So – that’s a good chunk for now. Next? I’ll include the last bit of photos from Georgia as well as some from EK Day. Have a great day!

12 thoughts on “Photos from the Holidays: Part 1”

  1. FIRST!

    Anyway, Miss Zoot Lovey, sweet pics. And, speaking as a New Age Californian, your dining room table is positioned correctly in the Feng Shui fashion. Ah! This is very, very good luck and will ward off all manner of evil spirits!

    I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about here. I do know, however, that the setting is fabu, most especially with the blue tones.

    Dogs! Kids! Camcorder! Who needs Feng Shui anyway when you’re a Zooter.

  2. Great photos. Love the ‘fro wig.

    My family “secret” for big meals? A sheet of plywood (cut down to whatever size is reasonable for your group). It’s brought out, put on the table, covered with tablecloths/sheets. After dinner, it’s uncovered and everyone at the meal signs it. And then it stores neatly in a garage or basement or maybe under a mattress.

  3. I have a few things to say…first off, I love LilZ’s afro wig! He looks great in it. I also adore your dining room table – you should be very proud of yourself ona first holiday dinner that was beautiful and successful. Also, I love the bowling comment – I had no idea is was bad to bounce the ball. Lastly, Karoake rocks!!! (as long as I’m not the one doing the singing – then you’d have to cover your ears and run for cover)

  4. so, i know i’m not that old, but i look at those pictures of those little girls (who are beautiful!) and immediately think … “aren’t they a little too young to be wearing skirts like that with boots that have heels on them??!?!” … made me feel about 50!

  5. Looks like you had a great holiday 🙂

    In the picture of you with the camera, I almost fell over because your ring looks very similar to mine.

  6. I love your table setting! I’m not a fan of the green/red either. I decorated in silver, blue and cream. I love going shopping and finding pretty blue christmas decor, I’m glad it’s so popular now.

    Oh, I love your wedding ring by the way… very pretty 🙂 (in the camera pic)

  7. I LOVE your table! You did a great job.

    The pix are great too… I wish that lilZ could’ve been there for karaoke night.

  8. i like the sleigh bread basket. it’s so…martha. you should have tried out for wickedly perfect. have you seen that yet?

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