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Happy E.K. Day!

Do you know what today is? It’s E.K. Day! E.K. Day is celebrated the FIRST non-school/non-work day after Christmas. “E” and “K” stand for the initials of mine and LilZ’s first names. Today is the day we leave the house early in the morning and spend the day eating out, watching movies at the theater, and spending our gift cards people gave us for Christmas. It’s gotten to be such a big deal that family members make a POINT to give us gift cards just to spend on this day. LilZ is in the shower and I’m ready to go.

So. I’ll be out spending quality time with my son. Shopping and Eating. It’s a beautiful thing, isnt it? Have a great Saturday!

27 thoughts on “Happy E.K. Day!”

  1. Quality proof that you should get best Mommy blog award cos you’re the best Mommy!

    Zoot is so cool. Zoot is so cool.


  2. Happy E.K. Day to you… Have a great day spending time with your son!!!! You are a great mom and what a great tradition to have started with LilZ.

  3. What???? I was ready to post and it said I couldn’t because it hadn’t been long enough…??? It was yesterday when I posted?? I’m confused but I’m thrilled you got EK day going…I love that idea. You are so creative and a just wonderful Mom. Have fun today honey

  4. I think they should make this a national holiday!!! Me and Deb will be spending E & K Day in a similar fashion…..spending money but TRYING to eat right!!!

  5. What a cool holiday. Do you think we could make it national? You know, just so the rest of us have an excuse to eat and shop and everything else. Enjoy the day!

  6. Wow, that just reminded me to go out and spend my one remaining gift card. E.K. day isn’t just fun for you, it’s also a public service!

  7. Sounds great! I have $165 worth of gift cards from STEIN’S to spend. (It’s just a coincidence that they are all STEIN’S cards.) I wish I could come with you!

  8. The after Christmas sales are still in full swing, so take advantage!! Have fun. Can’t wait to hear what you bought.

  9. HEY! I ended up doing the (almost) same thing with my Little Man! What did you get? ANything fun? Long on the WANT LIST??

  10. Weekend is officially over for us here. We did loads of eating and shopping. I love it…love it! Hope you have a great remaining Sunday.

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