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Now seems as good of a time as any to publicly declare my New Year’s Resolutions.

  • Run 5K Notice I didn’t say Run A 5K. I just want to, at some point this year, be able to say “I’ve run FIVE WHOLE KILOMETERS this year!”. I like to keep attainable goals.
  • Eat dinner around the table more often I mean – I spent years bitching about not having a suitable table to eat dinner at. Now that I have one? We’re still eating on the couches.
  • Tell MrZoot that I love him at least three times a day I am hoping this will increase my chances of getting backrubs while we watch television. Think I should up it to four times a day?
  • Drink more SOME water One of these days my kidneys are going to give up and die from processing all of the caffeine I send through my body. Of course – I should increase my water consumption SLOWLY since water is, as a whole, a foreign substance to my body.
  • Learn how to validate the code to my site Seriously. This web page may look pretty on the outside – but on the inside? It’s ugly as hell. It would shame professional web developers.
  • Meet some of you I feel like some of you (if not all of you) know me as well as my real world friends. Why haven’t we ever met? Will you come see me? Can I come see you? Let’s do lunch. I’m free tomorrow…
  • Procreate
  • Buy a house We could do this right now if one of you would write me a check for, eh, let’s say five grand. Can you do that for me? Make a blogger’s dream come true? Come ON! I commented on your site yesterday…what MORE do you want.
  • Clean my car It is TRULY disgusting. Actually? Revolting may be a better word, “disgusting” doesn’t seem to pack the appropriate punch that the filth that is my car mandates.
  • Make “smiling” the last thing I do before I go the bed and the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning I do have plenty to smile about, after all. I’ve got a hot husband, a loving son, and TiVo. What more could a girl ask for?

22 thoughts on “Resolving”

  1. Sounds awesome. I still say you should have a paypal toward a downpayment on the house. I’d chip in what I could… You make it worth it to visit here, babe.

    Also, come on up to Pittsburgh ANYTIME! Except now, cos I’m sick and still haven’t showered.

  2. The Twiz and I were saying just the other day that we totally would stalk you just for the opportunity to hang out and watch reality TV with you!

  3. You can come to Jersey ANYTIME – we are your friends and we are here!!! Or maybe we can come see YOU!!! I love a good road trip!
    I tell Deb I love her everytime we hang up the phone and even a few more times in between during the day, however It has not increased my backrubs at all. I guess I have to figure something else out. Have any ideas?
    I drink tons of water – I think I have to cut down on beer. I walk at least 5 K everyday in my office – so why do I still have to lose weight? So unfair.
    Good luck with your list!!!

  4. dude! plan a boston visit! you can meet like a million of us with one visit πŸ™‚ And tini’s! Do come!

  5. dude! plan a boston visit! you can meet like a million of us with one visit πŸ™‚ And tini’s! Do come!

  6. You can come visit me anytime! My main resolution is to lose the weight and be more healthy in general, but I also want to be more patient with my children when they get ornery!

  7. Okay with the loving son and husband, do you really need the Tivo?

    Cuz some of us could use a little help, if you know what I’m saying, to smile in the mornings…

  8. I’m with you on the water intake, eating at a table, cleaning out the nasty car and meeting people.

    However, you can keep that procreating thing to yourself.

    I have a saying, “No children will be cut or squeezed out of the body, EVER!”

  9. If you want to meet fellow bloggers, you should think about Journal-con, unless Journal-con is considered geeky, then reconsider considering it.

    You hvae great oals for 2005, hope you reach them

  10. Run 5K? Oh, Zoot, you could be RACING in a 5K this year! Just need a little encouragement and some discipline and you’re good to go.

    And good luck this year in the procreation department. πŸ™‚

  11. I said “I love you” at least 10x’s a day for close to 10 years…I MIGHT have gotten 5 backrubs/massages, MAYBE!

    Of course, the ex has nothing on MrZ! πŸ™‚

  12. Rock on, Zoot! I hope all of those come true for you! If I head to KC this year, maybe I’ll let you know and you can schedule a bro-visit at the same time!

  13. You’ve got some great goals! I’m with ya on the car thing. I can’t even remember the last time it had a bath…

    As for raising money for a house? Hold a ‘charity’ party and ask people to give to the TZNAH fund. (That’s ‘The Zoots Need A House’ fund.) See if anyone falls for it!
    Or heck – start charging for your website work. It’s amazing and I would be happy to pay you when it’s time for you to make mine pretty!! πŸ™‚

  14. well…you did comment on my blog yesterday…
    but I don’t have $5K… πŸ™

    but…the eating at the table and car things I am totally with you on. I honestly can’t tell what color my car is through all the dirt thanks to snow and construction.

  15. If you make a Boston trip, please time it when I’m out there visiting!

    Love your resolutions, woman. πŸ™‚

  16. Hey, those are great. And TOTALLY attainable. If you add up all the walks through the Target parking lot you take this year, it will definitely be 5k, right? So, just jog them, and you’ve got number one down.

  17. I love the last one about smiling first thing when you wake up and last thing before going to bed. I think I might start doing that myself.

    You are welcome at our house anytime here in Boston, dogs, kids, husbands, we take it all so long as a large over happy lab licking your face doesn’t bother you.!

  18. The house one is easy to do.. we are doing it with no money down at all and we talk to the lender on Friday!! πŸ˜‰

  19. OHMYGOD, I forgot to tell you!! CP is going to the Aviation Advanced Course next year.

    Big deal, right? Yeah, guess what? It is in Ft. Rucker, ALABAMA! We’ll be able to meet!!


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