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More Chrismassy Adventures

After hours and hours of hell Christmas Shopping on Saturday, LilZoot and I decided to walk a mile or so to a neighborhood nearby that has a great set of decorated houses to see:

One of the main houses has this little village set up out front with doors that can be opened and bubbles and walls to sign your name on. Its so cute.

Let me give you a closer look to what I signed…

One of the other houses (that was featured in our newspaper the next day) has TONS of stuff. They have a Santa’s Village, they have SANTA, they have the Cat in the Hat…well – you’ll see. Its just tons of fun stuff…

Before we headed out to see the lights at the botanical gardens (which we ended up not doing it was SOOOO crowded), we tortured Cisco for a cuteness factor of at least 20 trillion.

Now THAT picture should have been in the Christmas Cards this year.

20 thoughts on “More Chrismassy Adventures”

  1. Those are houses are so pretty! We have a few houses around that do that too, and I love to go see them. Make that last pic next years christmas card, it’s wonderful!

  2. Those are great. I haven’t seen anything like that around here but it might be because I haven’t looked……………..and I must agree that last picture is Christmas card material for sure..

  3. Looks like you all had a good time checkin’ out da lights. I went shopping on Saturday too. But I got it all wrapped up in less than 3 hours 🙂

  4. Those houses are amazing! We’ve got 2 neighborhoods down here that are like that – in their HOA it’s mandatory that they put up nice, non-tacky lights. Each street has a different theme, it’s pretty cool.

    That’s a great pic of Mr. Z and Lil Z and Cisco! We bought a santa hat for our 5 yr old Husky/wolf and some antlers for our Husky pup, but all they want to do is eat them….Hopefully we’ll be able to keep them on the dogs long enough to get some pics, but who knows!

  5. Great pix…..Cisco could not be any cuter! You guys are bringing him and Lil’ girl to me when you come, right? Pretty please?

  6. I would love to know what The Cat In The Hat has to do with Christmas, but besides that, everything is amazing! Looks like you guys had a really fun, Christmasy weekend! And awwww, puppy in a Santa hat! I love it. I tried to put one on my dog, but he ate it. 😛

  7. I say you definitely put that last one in next year’s cards. A few years back, there was this a house in Jersey that had a manger scene, with REAL animals.

  8. Those are amazing pictures. I love the Cat in the Hat for Christmas — it’s a weird addition. The “boys” all look very cute in their santa hats, too!

  9. Holy Hockeysticks! Are those reindeer? Here in sunny CA, those things are assumed to be as real as Yetis and honest politicians,

    Love Cisco’s pic! Oh, and those other guys…they aren’t bad either! : )

  10. Pretty photos!

    A few years ago the house next to where I lived put up the gaudiest Christmas light display EVER. It was nasty and it was up for MONTHS. They still had a Santa in their tree that summer.

  11. Why is the poor poor dog the only one of the three in santa hats who is NOT smiling. Ask yourself that next time he wizzes on the rug. LOL – this picture is hysterical; the dog looks so resinged!

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