My Reproductive Nightmare, Thing 1

I Scream…

First of all? This week is going to be KRAZEE y’all! Hopefull – if we keep our fingers crossed…the balls (*giggle*) will continue to roll toward me FINALLY getting to work on a contract that does NOT involve environmental data. I love that stuff, in general (my first degree was in Biology) but I’m ready for something new.

Also? This is THAT week every month where we take several pregnancy tests that all show up negative. I’ve already taken one – negative. But this month isnt as suprising or upsetting as past months because we think that part of the problem is I’m not ovulating when I THOUGHT I was, or when I USED to before my last pregnancy. So – Next month? May be our lucky month.

Finally? Here is a picture for those of you suffering through cold and snow. This is my son, barefoot, bringing back ice-cream from the ice-cream man. YESTERDAY. Winter much?

Of course – its not usually this warm this time of year. We are in the northern most part of Alabama – but it was still nice.

And yes – one of those was for me.

16 thoughts on “I Scream…”

  1. yeah, thanks. that pic of lil’ z is just what i needed after trudging through my first official snow covered commute.

    watch, when i’m in huntsville the week after christmas, it’s going to be cold as hell.

  2. He is just too nice to his mama!!

    Crossing my fingers for this month 🙂 And, if it doesn’t work out, maybe you can start the new year off with a positive! Hell, maybe we both can.

  3. Love that picture of LilZ! Too bad we didn’t “hear” the truck in my house or you’d have pics of my kids out there too….eating blue ice cream on my steps!!!!

    My fingers are crossed for you this month! This could be a great month for you and MrZ

  4. Here’s hoping for your pregnancy, Zoot.

    And icecream in december? Crazy. At least the icecream truck is a real truck. Up here I’ve seen VW vans with spray painted words on the side that say ice cream. Sometimes they sell by the ounce, which never made sense.

  5. **~*~**~*~* Baby dust to you!

    I know how you feel weather-wise, I’m in Houston. We’re finally feeling a slight cold front though, it’s windy as hell here today making it sorta chilly. Yay!

  6. I’m praying for a babyZ! It will happen, and we will all be beside ourselves with joy for you…

    Yesterday’s weather? It was nice, but where the freak is it now. ***Brrrrrr***

  7. screw you and your barefoot son … it’s like polar bear freezing up here!!!

    i didn’t mean it, i’m sorry … i’m just jealous … we’re literally in four layers in omaha … I HATE COLD!!! someday soon, we will be living in texas (or some other warm state) and i will procure a southern accent, which will please the boy greatly.

    and then i can get ice cream barefoot for christmas, too!!!!

  8. 28 degrees….2 or 3 inches of snow already on the ground…
    and I wouldn’t trade it for most things…

    although, I think I ate enough snow on the way home to make a snowball because the silly stuff is blowing sideways.

  9. You’re kidding, right? That picture was NOT taken this week. NO. WAY. It’s SO cold here. I’ve been wearing scarves!

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