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Birthday Dinner Wrap Up.

So – the dinner last night was QUITE an experience. We were told that even though it was expensive and took reservations – it was still relatively casual, so we didnt get TOO dressed up. I did panic a bit when I saw the “Salt and Pepper Shakers”, because, I mean really – what is THAT all about? Does fancy mean use your fingers? No. Then explain those damn things to me.

Then, of course, I had to go and order WINE with my meal. I had to ask the waiter what he recommended and he went ON and ON and ON and it took every ounce of restraint I had NOT to giggle since I had no idea what he was talking about. He ended up bringing me a class of wine that was only filled halfway! I guess that’s what fancy people do. Pay EIGHT DOLLARS for a half glass of wine. And you know what I find interesting? I usually drink wine out of a box, right? Not expensive. Not fancy. But I like it. Yet – I swear to god, that EIGHT DOLLAR glass last night? Left a cardboard aftertaste. EIGHT DOLLARS for a cardboard aftertaste.

Finally…we ate our food which we all loved. I had swordfish, LilZoot had shrimp, and MrZoot had a 35 dollar steak which was so delicious it was actually worth every penny. He loved it and and actually said he wants to make eating at that restaurant a tradition.

Um…yeah…I dont know about that.

MrZoot scored some great birthday swag! He got 4 new shirts (one pictured here, of course), some pajamas, some golf balls, some cash, and some DVDs. All in all? I think he had a pretty groovy birthday. Even if he IS still younger than me. Bastard.

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  1. That is SO rude of him, being younger than him. The Boy does the same thing to me! What’s with that?

    Anyway, congratulations on a successful birthday. He must feel extra loved.

  2. A restaurant that take ‘reservations’? An 8 dollar glass of wine? A younger man? I want YOUR life!!

  3. I hate those kind of “Pinkys UP” kind of restaurants. I dont mind once in a while….but I think they are so stuffy. I like to have a good time when I go out….and laugh and joke around. But, I dont mind a $35 steak once in a while!!! YUM!

  4. Younger. Good man. He knows that older women are hotter.
    So glad you had a good time. The rule with wine is – drink the kind you like. It can be $5 or $50. Don’t matter. The kind I most enjoy at the moment is bottled by Francis Ford Coppola (yes, the movie director, and also owner of a major California vineyard), and the bottle weighs in at $9 a pop. I like it.

  5. Dang Zoot! That was a rather large glass! You would have had the whole bottle if they would’ve filled it up! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sorry.

    It all sounds fantastic… I love that kind of atmosphere! What was the name of the place?

  6. No matter which place I go to eat, if I have wine, I always ask for the “House White” which is usually the best. Im not a red win drinker so the house white is usually the best tasting white wine they have in the place. That steak looks awesome but I gotta ask…this “fancy” place, did all the regulars look horrified while you were taking pictures? That crap always craps me up, to try and horrify the regulars.

  7. Yeah, that expensive stuff isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…I’m happier w/ a bottle of Boone’s anyday. ๐Ÿ™‚ So excellent that MrZ had a wonderful bday, though…who could deserve it more?

  8. My mom has salt and pepper shakers similar to those, and they have little spoons you use. It complicates the salt and pepper process unnecessarily in my opinion.

    I’m happy Mr. Z had a good birthday.

  9. Salt cellars, they’re called, with the little spoons…but I’ve never seen them with pepper! You’d think a fancy place like that would have pepper grinders!

    Glad y’all had a good time! How much younger is MrZ? My ex-husband was 10 years younger than me LOL!

  10. Did you feel more buzzed from the fancy wine than from the wine you usually drink? Maybe it is really strong and they have to serve it in smallish helpings so that the customers don’t go all Animal House on them!

  11. A restaurant….where you have CLOTH napkins…WINE?! OH, you’re not talking about McDonalds, I take him…hmm…I don’t know if I remember anything other then McDonalds…Hmmmm…I must think about this (LOL)

  12. While on vacation in Pennsylvania this summer, Oliquig Princess, Oliquigs mom and I wanted to find a restaurant that had both seafood and steak, so I asked the front desk person for a casual restaurant, which it wasn’t! It was expensive, but really good! But we couldn’t get over the antlers on ALL THE WALLS! They had lamps made out of deer heads!! Ask Oliquig to show you some pics of this place,she took some good ones.

  13. My future father-in-law and I went to a wine tasting this weekend. He was all… oo this ones got a nice bouquet, and it’s got a woody taste… blah blah blah. I was all… this one tingles, this one tastes bad, this one is gross. Not my scene I guess…

    That steak… mmm I want some.

  14. He needs to hurry up and get older than you. When will that happen, anyway? When you stay 30 for a few years?!

  15. I’m so glad that you had a great time at dinner last night. I was also unaware that an $8 glass of wine should be only 1/2 full! Mr. Man loved coming over to sing Happy Birthday to Mr. Zoot last night!
    PS – that steak looked yummy, yummy, yummy!

  16. Oh ZOOT, you crack me up!

    A “half” glass of wine IS a glass of wine! It has to breathe. If they fill it to the top they are doing a major no-no. And paying $8 at a nice restaurant for a glass is okay.

    For future reference, you can’t really go wrong with an Australian red.

    PS – Do you know that “zut” is a French word that basically means “Damn!”?

    Tee hee. Zoot.

  17. In response to a comment up yonder: Someone went on vacation to Pennsylvania?? ::looks out window:: WHY?? LOL Must have been the allure of Hershey or our Amish in Lancaster.. or our towns named: Paradise, Intercourse, and Bird-In-Hand. Not joking, friends. We’re THAT cool.

    I LOVE that you took your camera to the restaurant!! Well done!

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