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Birthday Boy

On this day, in 1977, a little boy was born. A lot has happened in the last 27 years…

  • He became a brother. Twice.
  • He cried in 1st grade because he wanted his Mom, who worked across the hall from his class room.
  • He loved the Smurfs.
  • He wrecked his bike. An “over the handlebars onto the pavement” typewreck. They are the best type of wrecks to recount in the years that follow.
  • He played football, baseball, and soccer. Baseball was always his
  • He hated the San Francisco 49’ers.
  • He was in the SPACE program for gifted children.
  • He didn’t really like it.
  • He collected baseball cards and garbage pail kids.
  • He loved G.I. Joe
  • He said “F*ck” in school and had to clean up trash in the schoolyard as punishment.
  • He wore Vans and Jams and skateboarded.
  • He asked for a camera one Christmas Eve from “Santa” just to see if “Santa” was real.
  • He had a camera under the tree the next morning.
  • He bought his OWN TV. With his OWN money.
  • He loved ATARI.
  • He lived in a house that had solar panels.
  • And carpeted walls.
  • When he moved from that house at the age of 9, he gave a video tour of it that is still shown to this day at family functions.
  • He dyed his hair black.
  • He bleached his hair.
  • He would later use both of those experiences to help his future wife fix a bad dye job.
  • He got four tattoos.
  • He pierced his ears.
  • He played guitar in several bands.
  • He worked for a pizza place, a furniture store, and a Mexican food place (which a certain girl named “Zoot” hung out in long before she knew him).
  • He went to college for a year.
  • He dropped out of college and toured around the country and for a
    summer with one of his bands.
  • He got a dog named, Cisco.
  • He rescued a dog named, LilGirl.
  • He came back to school to major in geography.
  • He made the Dean’s List every semester after that.
  • He became friends with a girl named Zoot, over Dos Equis and bean
  • He played soccer for his university.
  • He became a computer whiz and got an internship for a local government office.
  • He romanced a girl named Zoot while studying the book, “Fried Green Tomatoes”.
  • He aced the test.
  • He got his car broken into and his stereo stolen.
  • He graduated from college.
  • He gave up a job he loved, to move to Alabama to be with the woman he loved.
  • He moved in with her and didn’t complain (too much) about having to sleep in another room for the sake of her son.
  • He bought a new car. The first new car he had ever owned.
  • He bought ANOTHER new car when the first one got totaled by a
  • He watched his grandmother be buried at Arlington National
  • He then helped take care of his future Mother-In-Law as she recovered from an aneurysm.
  • He married a girl named Zoot, almost four years after he first asked her to marry him.
  • He became a step-dad.
  • He took a day in the car-pool.
  • He went to a parent/teacher conference.
  • He helped his step-son study for a test he ended up making a 95 on.
  • And two nights ago he asked his wife to promise she wouldn’t die before him because he didn’t think he’d be able to live without her.Like she would EVER be able to live without him.
  • Happy Birthday, Babe. I hope to help make each year of your life better than the last. Except where NCAA Football is concerned. In that area – I hope your years continue to suck worse than mine.

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    1. This is so sweet. Mr. Zoot sounds like a cool guy, although I don’t understand how he can hate the 49ers. Happy Birthday Mr. Zoot!!!

    2. Happy Birthday Mr. Zoot. It’s great having you for a son in law
      We are all lucky to have you in our family.

    3. Awww, that is sooo sweet! I think I’m going to go cry now! I’ve been lurking for a while, but decided to finally post.

      Happy Birthday, Mr.Z!

    4. Happy Birthday, Mr. Zoot! She’s pretty good isn’t she? She had me teary pretty early on… It never fails! I love you guys, and I know that this is one many, many more that you all will share together.

    5. Happy Birthday! My hubby said the same thing about me dying first just last night and it made me cry…we have the good ones, you know?

    6. That has got to be the most touching birthday tribute I have ever read. Happy Birthday, Mr. Zoot! You are both blessed people and LilZ is blessed to have you both in his life.

      –Gee, now my makeup is running.

    7. rushchick – Mom to four, although our lives were turned upside down on 2/25/2007 when our youngest daughter died from injuries sustained in an ATV accident. She was only 10. I struggle daily with the fact that she is not here and will never be coming back. Most importantly I have to remember that there are still my two younger boys and my oldest daughter who still need me, as well as my husband. I know Lizzy would want me to be happy......She hated seeing me sad. But this grief, is a shadow that follows you and is something you just can't escape, as hard as you try. I miss you Lizzy. To The Moon And Back.
      Leslie says:

      Happy Birthday Mr.Z, Hope you have a good one!!

    8. Happy birthday (a day late) Mr. Z!!

      What a lucky man to have a wife who writes such a wonderful tribute to you!

    9. Oh WOW! Just wow… I am sitting here with tears in my eyes after reading this birthday tribute to Mr. Z. Too many times we forget to let our loved ones know just how much they mean to us. Birthday wishes to Mr.Z and I’d add blessings too, but it’s very clear that you are already very blessed!

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