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I got so wrapped up in writing about Thanksgiving that I forgot mention my Dad’s and Brother’s short visit before I left for Louisiana! We had a nice visit and took a walk through our Botanical Gardens to see the Christmas Lights. But, more importantly – How GORGEOUS is my brother’s dog? This is Sadie and she was great company. She is part Chow (she even has the purple tongue) and part Shiba Inu. She also has a very adorable bark that doesnt sound like it belongs to anything bigger than a poodle.

However, she IS bigger than a poodle seeing as how she ripped the leg off of one of my plastic chairs WHILE I WAS SITTING IN IT. Somehow, I caught her (she was going after a cat) and managed NOT to bust my ass in the process. It was a Thanksgiving miracle.

I miss her way more than my brother or my dad.

Just kidding.


12 thoughts on “Backtracking…”

  1. Aw, I LOVE Shiba Inus. They make the cutest puppies with all that teddy bear fur.

    My best friend has one and she’s grown up to be such a pudge. So cute though.

  2. “Woof Woof, Woof woof woof.:

    Translation *** thanks your real pretty too, can i have some more of those T-bone things, they were great, and oh yeah, tell that guy Happy Birthday! ***

  3. ROFL! So all your animals made it thru Sadie’s visit alive, that’s EXCELLENT!!!

    LOL now edit your post to say that caution folks that altho shibas are cute & cuddly looking as puppies, they’re WILDWILDWILD when they grow up ROFLMAO!

    Wait til you see my Christmas card this year! hehehe

  4. She was a beauty at my house too. She and Maxi kind of agreed to co survive in my house and not kill each other BUT…Contrary to what your bro’ says Sadie will NOT EVEN eat Brussel Sprouts…nopey

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