Adventures, Thing 1


I babysat Dee’s kids last night – Ty and RayRay. Due to a bizarre sequence of events and bothersom dog situations, we ended up going to see A Shark’s Tale at the movie theater.

In our pajamas and crazy houseslippers.

Yep. We went to the movie theater to see a 7pm showing on a Saturday night, in our PJs and fuzzy houseshoes (the boys had Homer Simpson houseshoes on). And it was a BALL. The kids had so much fun and we got a wide variety of looks from the crowd. They kids thanked my a gagillion times for letting them do it – but don’t tell them my secret.

I had just as much fun as they did.

Of course I threatened to leave them there with no ride home if ANY of them left me because an adult in line to by popcorn in pajama pants and pink furry houseshoes? Kinda scary.

23 thoughts on “Jealous?”

  1. That is too much fun! That’s why all children love you. I wish that I could’ve been there..

  2. That is so awesome! You are a great mom/babysitter. I’m sure they’ll talk about that night for year’s to come.

  3. Every time I surf over to your site, I pause to admire your puppy. We had Boston terriers when I was growing up, so I happen to know that they are the cutest, most intelligent dogs on the planet. Just had to post to say that your puppy pics brighten my day.

  4. You? Are probably the coolest mom ever! And I would be jealous except I spend most of the day in pajamas. Gotta love college!

  5. I LOVE your slippers!!!! I have ones that look like Bear feet! But I only put them on when I am sick!!! We are going to the movies tonight hopefully. Maybe I will wear mine in honor of YOU!!! LOL…..I’ll probably get locked up!

  6. Oh how I wish I had your courage, no wait, you have inspired me to try something like that with Princess. Too cool!

  7. Yup…I agree very cool! You can teach kids that it’s a good thing to be unique, think outside the box and have fun, but it’s better to show them. Well done.

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